Whether it is your first time hanging out with someone or you’ve been dating for a while, you can always add some spice to your dates and take a break from going to restaurants.

It’s been over three months of serious work and this is the first public holiday of the year provides the perfect opportunity to unwind.
Try the following;

1. Baecation

Nothing beats travelling with your partner even if it is to a resort at the outskirts of town. Shared experiences are so sweet.

2. Concert date

Preferably not a standing concert but you can choose that too. Go to contemporary artiste shows, less pop and more sonorous love songs and cuddle each other while you listen.

3. Picnic date

Don’t think it can’t work in Nigeria because it can. You city has a park, garden or zoo, conservation centre that would be perfect . Pack some light refreshments, a mat or cloth to spread and enjoy your time in nature. Try it when the sun isn’t so high or stay under a tree.

4. Spa date

Massages, facials, steam baths. There are so many things to do in a spa. This is quite tricky though, do you want to see your partner moaning to another person’s touch if they are ticklish? Well, if you don’t mind, this is a great option. But generally spa dates are immensely relaxing.

5. Car date

For this, you need to own a car. Non car owners, skip this. This date gives you more privacy, if it is a first date, you can just get some snacks and spend time in the car talking.

6. Tour dates

You’ve been in the city for a while but you have never visited a museum, art gallery or other historic sights. Too bad.

7. Activity dates

Sip and paint, pottery making are activity dates which are mentally stimulating and an interesting way to spend the day with your significant other. Plus, you go back home with a gift.


A competitive but fun activity for couples to try. It isn’t every time you should spend the date eating

8. Games night

Get a couple of your friends together and play games. Karaoke, charades, ‘never have I never’, card games and even sudoku works.

9. Netflix and chill

You can catch up on your favourite shows together, hopefully, it doesn’t lead to something else and even if it does – all the better

10. Beach date or poolside dates

A day on the beach or pool is always a beautiful day. Enjoy the amazing view and dive in for a feel of the water.

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