Month: January 2023

Amber Ray: Age, Real Name, Baby Dady, Child, Kennedy Rapundo, Tribe, Net Worth, Husband, Education, House, Biography, Before, Wikipedia, and Cars.

What does Amber Ray do for a living?Amber Ray is a Kenyan socialite, social media influencer, Fashion Consultant and a businesswoman. She is well known for her high profile dating relationships. Amber Ray Quick Bio and Achievements. They say being born into poverty is not your choice but living or getting married into poverty is […]

Elsa Majimbo Age, Tribe, Rihanna, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents, Mother, Biography, Ethnicity, Nationality, Manager and Steve Harvey.

Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan comedianne, comercial model, brand influencer, 15 x Chess Champion and Steve Harvey’s new adopted Child. She rose to fame after her monologue comedy videos went viral in South Africa and popular artists like Casper Nyovest shared them on social media. Elsa Majimbo Quick Life Story and Achievements. Before the Covid-19 […]

Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Tribe, Real Name, Mother, Boyfriend, Accident, Joho, Birthday, Height, Hair, Marriage, Net-Worth, House and Cars.

Natalie Tewa is a Kenyan influencer, YouTuber, Travel and Lifestyle content creator. With the amount of controvercies surrounding her and entanglements with famous politicians, she has been named among the top 100 most influential young Kenyans. What does Natalie Tewa do for a living?Where does Natalie Tewa come from? Here is the biography and the […]

Justina Syokau Biography, Age, Tribe, Real Name Cars, Net worth, Divorce, Children, Ex Husband, Surgery, New Shape and Cars.

Justina Syokau is a Kenyan Gospel Singer and Motivational speaker coming from a Kamba community. Her music style and genre has been loved all over social media. Justina Syokau Quick Biography and Achievements. It is said that the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight, for Justina Syokau it is exactly as such. As a soldier […]

Azeezah Hasheem Biography, Age, Media Messiah, Parents, Boyfriend, Contacts, Instagram, NRG Radio, Teen Republic and Net-Worth.

Azeezah Hashim is a young, energetic, self-driven and multutalented Media Personality from Nairobi Kenya. She is a radio host, Voice Over Artist, TV presenter, Content producer, Social media influencer and corporate MC. Azeezah Hashim Quick Bio and Achievements. Growing up in the eastlands of Nairobi city (Eastleigh and Califonia), Azeezah Hashim had a dream of […]

Natalie Githinji Biography, Tribe, Age, Boyfriend, Illness, Family, Endometriosis, Contacts, NRG Radio, Aunty Boss, Salary and Net-Worth.

Natalie Githinji is a young actress, content creator, social media influencer and a radio personality based in Nairobi, Kenya. Natalie Githinji Quick Bio and Achievements. Growing up in a military family background where both parents are police officers, Natalie Githinji can still make you smile seriously. She is not your ordinary celebrity who grew up […]

Sol Phenduka Biography, Age, Real Name, Parents, Girlfriend, Television Series, Big Brother Mzansi, Radio Show and Net Worth.

Sol Phenduka is a South African Radio Personality, DJ, Composer, Musuc Producer, Reality TV Star and a Song Writer.Currently, he is the Co-host of Podcast and Chill with Mac G. Sol Phenduka Quick Bio and Achievements. Growing up in a single mother household, Sol Phenduka has managed to not only attain higher education degree but […]