3 Men Army Biography.

Starting out as dancers doing volunteer stage performances organized by non-profit organizations and different churches, 3 Men Army started building relationship that would later lead them into comedy.

They were initially among an over twenty member dance group under the volunteer group IYF (International Youth Fellowship) which did a lot of charity works all over the streets and slums of Nairobi City.

The fellowship program is under Good News Mission Church, which has created various platforms for youth to create content and build their talent.

IYF as a group at large does a lot of cultural dances while doing peer and mindset education through volunteers.

The group later split until only the three of them remained as the only male members where this would later brand them as three men army.

They started building comedic chemistry whenever they meetup to just chill and have a good time.

Since they all had passion for comedy, they decoded to record themselves doing sketches and freestyles and post them online.

The videos attracted massive audience on social media and YouTube and their brand grew from there thus earning them a radio show at NRG Radio which has larger youth listeners.

3 Men Army Comedy Style.

Coming out as young comedians full of energy and punchlines which are quite relatable by most Kenyans, 3 Men Army have a unique way of conducting their comedy shows.

Their style is more of improv and freestyle punchlines that would later come out as naturally funny as they are online.

Their content is more polished and more of urban but its still relatable to most Kenyan youth who experience the hassles and struggles of trying to make it in the cities.

They draw all their lines from personal experiences and maybe reflecting on how an average youth would respond to a situation in real life.

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Most of their approach is critique on the lifestyle of young people experiencing the balance of life in terms of managing dating, finances and trying to be responsible youth all at the same time.

The only script they write and follow is the synopsis that entails the direction of the story or concept that helps them reflect on their daily experience or an encounter they have witnessed before.

3 Men Army has a unique style of costume design and branding, they mainly do their videos topless.

Their first viral video was the one they criticized the young ladies who give birth and leave their child at home with their mum in the country.

The group has featured other famous celebrities like King Kalala, Cartoon Comedian and Churchill’s finest Comedian Jasper Murume.

Their energy is definitely captivating and has managed to attract a larger number of audience online who also tune in to their YouTube channel for other comedy styled videos from the group.

3 Men Army Members.

As suggested by the name, the group is made up of three young talented gentlemen who do a good job at creating online and radio content.

The following are the members of the 3 Men Army Kenya group;

  • Andrew Trevor. @_andrewtrevor
  • Dante the Wise One. @danie_muigai1
  • Frank. @franky_montie

They all came up from ghetto life growing up in Kariobangi neighborhood of Nairobi Eastlands.

3 Men Army NRG Radio Show.

In 2019, the group did an audition at the NRG MVPs, a platform created by the NRG radio content team to provide an opportunity for the youth to showcase their talent.

Coming from a background of professional comedy content creation, 3 Men Army performed their art and were among the MVPs who were selected to work for the radio station.

The group now hosts their own radio show, NRG Plug, alongside King Kalala.

3 Men Army YouTube Salary and Networth.

After establishing their fan base with their unique style of content creation and delivery, 3 Men Army has managed to attract some of the corporate brands who work with them from time to time.

With their gradual growth on YouTube and the production quality of their content, they are in a position to sustain their audience online.

Apart from doing improv comedy runts, they also have an online series called THE SANE-te which runs on YouTube.

Their YouTube channel bring in an average of approximately 500 to 2000 dollars per month.

3 Men Army are among the top brand ambassadors for LG which is one of the biggest electronic companies worldwide.

Their net worth is not yet available in the public domain but the group I definitely doing well financially.

3 Men Army Contacts.

The group has over 100,000 followers on their official Instagram and Facebook pages.

Here are their contacts;

@3men_army on intagram

@3MenArmy on Facebook.

@3 Men Army on Youtube,