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Cleveland artist 3vd has returned with a new video for his hard-hitting single “Man on a Mission”. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and its surrounding areas, 3vd grew up in a house with five other siblings. He began writing when he was only 8 years old and incorporates elements of Pop and R&B into his music to create a unique and timeless sound. In addition to writing and performing music, 3vd produces and engineers, something that sets him apart from other rappers his age.
The young artist does a great job of combining various sounds and styles from some his previous work into a cohesive whole package with “Man on a Mission”, a release that displays his knack for sharp songwriting and confident flows. The instrumental, produced by @Dreamboii, is hard-hitting and raw, with sweltering synths and potent percussion underscoring his slick flows. The video, shot by @Zenen Saneshige, provides the perfect companion for the track with its raw, nocturnal shots and urban settings, paired with a charismatic performance from 3vd.
The latest from 3vd, “Man on a Mission” makes for an exciting, fast-paced new offering. Check it out below and follow 3vd on social media platforms to watch for more.
Stream on Spotify HERE.
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