A road trip can be enjoyable, exciting, and most memorable when taken with the best company.
Besides planning the travel route, another important list to be prepared is of food items and drinks to be carried along.
Long and unpredictable road trips can become difficult if you’re munching on anything and everything.
We should be extra cautious of what we are consuming and avoid eating from street vendors just for the sake of trying something different.
As our bodies might already get exhausted due to the long route, it’ll be more delicate to digest any fast food.
Here are 5 food items you should avoid on a road trip:
1. Carbonated drinks
Fizzy drinks and sodas are the most luring. However, it might spike your sugar levels and if it’s summer, it’ll make you more thirsty. It is also important to know that cold drinks wouldn’t help ease the acid reflux you might have gotten while travelling but make you more uneasy.
2. Packed wraps and sandwiches
Never buy packed wraps and sandwiches from pump joints and essential stores. You will never exactly know when they were made and if they are fresh. Consuming stale food can cause a lot of problems like food poisoning, constipation, and diarrhoea and you’ll end up spoiling your entire trip. 
3. Processed foods
This might seem a hygienic and easily available option to snack on and you’ll end up stuffing yourself even when you aren’t hungry. Biscuits, bread, dry cakes, etc. will leave you bloated. Avoid having them as much as possible and try to replace them by having fresh hot food.
4. Raw cut fruits/ Vegetables
Avoid eating cut fruits or vegetables that many vendors might be selling at toll booths and traffic lights. Cut fruits/ vegetables rot very quickly and get contaminated. Also, avoid eating salsas, sauces and dips that may contain uncooked vegetables.
5. Oily, junk roadside food
Don’t experiment. You’ll have plenty of chances to try the local cuisines and treat your taste buds once you reach the destination. Be very picky about where you are eating from and try to eat freshly cooked hot food. 
It might be difficult to avoid all these foods and not drooling to have fast food, especially. But what is more important is to not fall sick and enjoy the actual trip. Don’t forget to keep this in mind on your next road trip.
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