How she knows you are an Alpha Man.

Are you having trouble getting the right kind of women you have been thinking about? Are you always missing the target and often pursuing women of a totally different class other than what you value?

Well maybe you have to change the techniques you are using to pursue women. You can still do some reverse engineering and try to attract them.

If at all you want the right quality of women who offer more than sex and need more than money from you, then you have to change your approach.

You might be tired of running around with a long list of ratchets full of drama, women who are just there for convenience of your little cash.

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I hope you also have the personality character that they might be interested in. An alpha male character always makes them chase you and want to be part of you.

You cant keep on fantasizing about quality ass that comes with brilliant mind and still be a ratchet magnate playboy.


Guys we are talking about women who can elevate your brain capacity. Women who hold meetings in boardrooms and handle some real economic positions. Women who make things happen in business with their brilliant minds.

Smart women with real careers in real life. We are talking about women who actually have some sense of self awareness.

So you cant come in as just a basic man who can only offer a hard dick, no please. Like no man! You need to come in differently, have something to offer and make sure its not just money and a hard penis.

The one thing that these women look for in men is the one with the qualities of an alpha male. A real man who is full of confidence in himself whether he has flaws or achievements but has some sense of purpose in life.

Yes, if you are in the lookout for these kinds of women, then keep reading. I have some alpha male qualities that you need to put into practice and make them part of your personality in order to attract the kind of a woman you want.

Here are the Five Attributes of an Alpha Male that Quality Women are Looking for.

Emotional control.

You don’t need to be too dramatic even in the face of the greatest disappointments in your life. Hold your composure and learn to not get attached to petty things that keep making you emotionally imbalanced.

This will display you as an alpha male who cant be swayed by whatever the disturbance because nobody likes emotionally fragile men.

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To be able to have emotional control, you need to attain emotional maturity. Understand your triggers and not to act from your insecurities.

Be person who is safe to be with and not a person who will lose his shit over a little disappointments. Just know when to show emotions and be hungry.

Be calm in stressful situations, women want to be around people like that.


Its important to be dependable. To be a man of your word and to walk the talk. Remember that women like being secured; they don’t need to be worried about you bailing on what you promise to handle for them. Be strong in your swag and stay on point at any moment.

Balance between alpha and beta tendencies.

A beta male is the one with feminine personality but don’t do too much of it because it might also qualify you as a little bitch.

What am saying is that you need to balance between your feminine nature and masculine nature. While you display a tough guy personality, its important to show some vulnerabilities too.

To not hide your insecurities because this makes you appear as just a human who is trying to grow and be better.

So feminine personality makes you get in touch with your emotions and have compassion, which is an attractive quality to have.

This shows how you can be able to relate with other people as opposed to too much masculinity which is all about what you can conquer.

Find laughter in your flaws.

Whatever the thing that makes you flawed is what makes you unique, as long as you are aware of it. So don’t try to get triggered when people mention it to you.

Instead you should try to find the funny around it and show people that you are not insecure about it but you are happy living with it.

Lets face it, no one in this world is the most beautiful or perfect person, we all are flawed in one way or another.

Accept whatever the flaw you have whether you have a little cosmetic challenge, you are a little fat or whatever the thing that is supposed to make you feel insecure just accept it and find a way to laugh about it.

Its hilarious to show that you are not sad about it.

Life is about perspective. Switching your perspective on how you view your flaws is what makes you an alpha male. Have an abundance mindset and see the good in a flawed situation.

Have a purpose or a pursuit in life.

The woman you are pursuing cant be the only thing you’ve got going on in your life. Have a goal, something you look forward to accomplish.

Let her see you pursuing it with all your might. Don’t just be sitting around all day and expect to find a quality woman. She needs to see you in your zone doing what you do best with your intellect and talents, how you interact with other people and getting things done.

Women would want to be a part of a man who does that.

She needs to know that you prioritize what you do and still have life goals. This is what created an authentic mystery around you.

It might bring about push and pull which sometimes is termed as playing hard to get.

 Its just because you have priorities and you are not thirsty. This makes her understand that she is going to thrive with you because you are driven by your goals.

As much as you have goals, she knows that you are going to prioritize her as someone important in your life.

In conclusion,

I am going to give you a bonus tip: you have to come across as authentic. Do not be faking things guys.

You cant imitate someone else because you will do that just a few times and when she realizes that you are not original as you portray, she will definitely drop you.

Being real and true to yourself has never brought any losses. It actually boosts the level of your confidence as well as portrays your personality as full of courage and women like such male personalities.

Remember they don’t like surprises especially from the character of the person they are dating. She needs to know what to expect.

Be who you really are and not someone else. But if who you are is toxic and unattractive, then you need to work on yourself and improve your character.