In the little part of the world called love, there exist different types of women with different character and personalities. Men have to find a relationship partner in the mix of all the type of women in this little part of the world. This can be relatively hard task to do.

Before you meet that woman who is compatible with you, you have to go through all the good, bad and crazy women out here.

Yea you have to go through hell first before you understand these women. Whoever invented the concept of dating knew what he was talking about.

The dating phase of any relationship is where you should get to know the type of woman you are dealing with.

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It is often best decision to get to know the worst part of her and gauge the effects. If you can handle the worst part of her character, you can handle any other thing about her.

Most men focus only on the good side such that they keep on ignoring her shortcomings until they get into marriage then they realize they have been dating psychos the whole time.


So my men; try to get to know your woman first before you make some lifetime decisions that you might live to regret forever.

I know it is often hard to say it all together, but you can still clearly see that women with these personalities are often a turn off to most men.

 In this article I have highlighted the types of women that you have to avoid as much as you can if you know you can’t handle the type of personality they possess.

Here are the Personality and Character types of Women You Should Avoid.

1.     Emotional manipulator.

First of all, no one ever likes to be controlled emotionally or in any other way whatsoever. No one should use your emotions against you or make you do whatever they want you to do.

Upon realizing that you are in love and vulnerable; these type of women exploit you in the name of love.

They will get to you to do whatever, from you break your bank account to you doing her due diligence.

They often label themselves as the queen and need you to treat them the way they want you to. It might be hard to spot this character in them at first because they tap into mens weakness of being vulnerable in love.

But once you come to your senses, please men, run away as fast as you can because its hard to change a woman’s character all together.

2.     The Control Freaks.

The control freak types of women always want to be in charge of everything in the relationship. You will never have a say, in fact you will always be protesting for your rights as a dude.

Even during sex, she is still under control.

The sex must satisfy her but not necessarily satisfy you. Women like this only tries to get to know you just to see how and where she will be tuning you from time to time.

You can spot these women early in the relationship when they be basking for favors all day without even asking you if you are available or not busy at the time.

Again, if you spot these women please my brother, run away as fast as you can because I don’t think you can reverse this behavior from her.

3.      The Social Media Addict.

There exists some women who are always out to seek attention especially on social media.

Whenever there is a little misunderstanding in the relationship, she rushes to the social media and sharing your personal business to everyone.

Am pretty sure that you would not like that experience in your life. You will definitely be an open book to the public.

Women who are social media addicts are very obsessed and always concerned about how their relationship is received on social media.

4.      The Emotionally Unavailable.

These type of women are most likely in the relationship just for convenience. The concept of emotional availability is always necessary to propel the relationship to the next phase.

The emotional talks might not be there frequently when the relationship is at its early stages but time goes, partners try to get to know each other a little deeper.

The more you stay in a relationship with a person the more you need to be emotionally available. So be keen on these women who don’t care to know you, your feelings and emotions.

5.     The Complainers.

Women who always complain about everything are like a nuisance, you will not enjoy spending time with them

You might do whatever you can within your powers and try to please a complainer woman, you will always end up feeling like you are not good enough.

This creates some sort of insecurity in you because she makes you lose confidence in yourself.

These type of women can be really toxic, and as always, you have to run as fast as you can before shit gets serious with her.

6.     Passive Aggressive Type.

They can really make communication hard in the relationship. They constantly create a lot of tension for no reason.

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In conclusion, it is always important to take your time and make use of the dating phase in the relationship to get to know someone to a great extent.

I understand that a lot of time is needed for your partner to let off the guard and stop pretending so that you get to know their real character.

You can accelerate this process by continually asking the right questions without assuming anything.

I mean it is better to be curious now that find out later how much of a monster she is. So guys take your time to be friends with her first before you take things to the next level.