Ngori spot is a platform that we use to express our love for the artistic life of different artists through a compilation of their achievements in the entertainment scene.

We show love to all role players who share their ideas about what is going on in and around the XYZ Generation in Kenya, Africa and around the world.  

Our articles are purely intended to inform, entertain and document the journey of different acts who uphold and spread the culture of positivity through art.

Most of our commentary revolves around mainstream lifestyle and pop culture in general.

We don’t in any way write with an intention to intimidate or demean anybody who plays a role in the industry but we just like to offer our constructive criticism and personal opinions.

As much as we identify with the XYZ Generation, we believe in personal accountability of whatever anybody does.

Our opinion doesn’t make us an authority or a gate keeper in any way but it just makes us the biggest fans of the culture.

We believe we are entitled to have an opinion about the events happening in the industry just like you also can have an opinion.

Different people have different ways of expressing themselves but for us we do just that by speaking our mind through the words we write.

Our articles tend to be thought provoking and can often times bring about discomfort to the person we write about.

In most cases when we write about you, its because we care about you and what you do, we just want you to know that what you do has an effect on somebody else in this whole ecosystem.

If you are reading our articles we believe that you are a fun of the culture and lifestyle just like us, so don’t be offended. Let’s just learn and grow together.

So welcome aboard and have a good time with us as you get entertained and informed at the same time.

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