What does Amber Ray do for a living?
Amber Ray is a Kenyan socialite, social media influencer, Fashion Consultant and a businesswoman.

She is well known for her high profile dating relationships.

Amber Ray Quick Bio and Achievements.

They say being born into poverty is not your choice but living or getting married into poverty is your own fault.

Amber Ray seems to believe in that philosophy and it has indeed given her the lurvish lifestyle she could otherwise only dream of.

After her breakup with the first baby dady in 2015, she joined the modeling industry as a video vixen.

She has also worked odd jobs to make ends meet.

Amber Ray has worked as a marketer for cereals, Matumbo and had also been employed at E – Citizen as head of customer service.

She has also worked in the kenya’s prestigious Casjnos as a waitress where she met many rich businessmen who would later become her lovers.

Amber Ray is not only a beatiful woman who give Kenyan men sleepless nights, she is also a very smart business woman.

She lives a lurvish lifestyle as a socialite and fashionista documented on her social media.

Amber Ray Age, Real Name, Tribe, and Education Background.

Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray was born on 3rd November 1992 in Machakos County.

She is from the tribe of Akamba Community of South Eastern Kenya.

She attended primary school in machakos before joining Kivandini Secondary School and later finished high school at Kitui Secondary School.

Amber Ray Dating History and Her life before Fame.

Being a very busy woman with things to do all the time, Amber Ray doesnt really believe in working out issues in a relationship.

In fact she doesnt have time for trying to make a relationship work.

For the longest time, she has been the talk of the town when it comes to switching boyfriends in a close span of even two weeks of dating.

What has remained consistent in the profile of his boyfriends is the fact that they are all loaded with money.

Amber Ray doesnt entertain being broke because her first boyfriend, Gavin’s Father, showed her how insecure and violent broke men can be.

So if you want to join in this line of exes, you must have enough money to spend on her.

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Here is the list of the high profile men that Amber Ray has dated since she became famous:

Gavin (Amber Ray’s Son) Father.

Amber Ray dated Gavin’s father who happens to be a police officer way before she completed high school.

Immediately after high school she got married to him and gave birth to a baby boy called Gavin.

After eight hears of dating and marriage, they broke up in a violent way.

Amber Ray left her ex husband because she could nolonger handle the frequent domestic violence that she was subjected to.

Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda.

After breaking up with her baby dady, Amber Ray had to find a way of making money to feed her child.

She became a video vixen.

One day after shooting a music video which she got paid Ksh 5,000 she met up with Zaheer and exchanged contacts.

Though Zaheer was a married man at the time, Amber Ray didnt notice but she went ahead with him regardless.

Two years later, Aliyah, Zaheer wife raised alarm that Amber Ray bewitched her husband and made him forget his family.

The drama was crazy but Amber Ray lost it again in 2018.

Zaheer later became the member of parliament for Nyaribari Chache Constituency on August 2022.

Syd, a Kenyan Singer.

Amber Ray moved on with her dating life but again met Syd who was also married with kids and a full family.

The two dated with her being the side chick but Syd still had his family intact.

After two months of taking it to public, the relationship ended in drama as usual.

Brown Mauzo.

Amber Ray also had a romantic relationship with Brown Mauzo, a Kenyan singer from Mombasa.

The two had tattoes of each other as tbey confirmed their relationship to the public during her birthday party in 2019.

Barely a year later, they broke up and Brown Mauzo moved on with another socialite Vera Sidika.

Jimal Roho Safi.

Amber Ray came back to the dating scene in December 2020 with her new catch, Jimal Roho Safi, a businessman who was also Married with kids.

They continued dating for a year as Amira (Jimal’s) wife was left to raise her kids alone.

As usual, the relationship ended in 2021 and Jimal went to the internet to beg her wife for forgiveness and take him back.

Ibb Kabba.

The next one in line was a Sierra Leone BasketBall player Ibb Kabba.

The two met and dated for a total of Seven months though they revealed their relationship to the public three weeks before the breakup.

Amber Ray accused Ibb Kabba of being poor while Ibb accused Amber for not bathing.

Kennedy Rapundo.

Moving on swiftly, Amber Ray had a new lover, Kennedy Rapundo, who is a businessman.

They went public about their relationship in mid- 2022 but 2 months later Amber Ray stated that they were nolonger together since they were in endless drama.

Around November the same year Kennedy Rapundo proposed to her after they reconciled on october in a traditional engagement party.

The couple later went for a vacation in Dubai.

The couple are still together expecting a baby.

Does Amber Ray Have a child?

Amber ray has her first born child called Gavin.

She gave birth to Gavin with her first boyfriend who is a police officer immediately after finishing high school.

She is currently pregnant for her second child with her new boyfriend Kennedy Rapundo.

Amber Ray Net worth.

With the line of business she engages in, Amber Ray has definitely built alot of connections and influence in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

She is currently the brand ambassador for All Things Face which in a facial skin care beauty company.

This is just one among many other businesses she is involved in.

Amber Ray’s net worth currently stands at $400,000.

This makes her among the top paid influencers in Kenya.

Amber Ray Husband.and Baby Dady.

At the moment, Amber Ray is engaged to Kennesy Rapundo who is also the father of her unborn child.