Jimal Roho Safi has been making moves on Amber Ray days after she announced breaking up with Kennedy Rapudo

Over a year after their highly publicized break up, Amber Ray and Jimal Roho Safi seem to have rekindled their friendship. The two were spotted together at the Jimal Foundation Cup, a football tournament organized by Jimal’s foundation in Huruma.

The ex-lovers seemed to have put their past behind them, and fans couldn’t help but speculate on whether they are back together.

The football tournament was organized by Jimal’s foundation, and the winner walked away with Sh100,000 and a trophy.

Sharing on her Instagram after the tournament, Amber expressed her excitement in being part of the tournament.

“So happy to be part of this beautiful experience, today brought so many beautiful childhood memories … Thank you Jimal Rohosafi for inviting me, next I’m doing Amber Ray foundation lazima I support my Galdem pia,” she said.

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This unexpected reunion comes just days after Amber announced her split from Kennedy Rapudo, a revelation that caught her fans off guard. Jimal, on the other hand, has been in a stable relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle Wangari, and even welcomed a child with her recently.

Amber did not reveal the cause of her break-up with Jimal although Rapudo said the truth will eventually avail itself.

“A lie has so many variations the truth has none, in less than two months we will all know the cause of the break-up,” Rapudo said.

Jimal on the other hand welcomed his child with Wangari in early March.

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Here are some of the reactions from fans after the Jimal-Amber re-union.

mwarishannita I’m happy seeing my favorite person @iam_amberay happy….sasa naweza funga simu na nilale

254_fineest Wueh siku hizi hata bibi yako hawezi kwambia ako na mimba ukakuwa na amani 😂 inaweza kuwa sio yako

elizabeth123033 Am sure they are both wishing time can be reversed so that hiyo mimba ikuwe ya jimal and wangere to stop existing 😂anyways Amber really loved jimal , Rapudo was a rebound and jimal has never talked shit about Amber , plus that Rapudo is just a slay king hiding behind big words and captions to confuse people

carole_kahura i just love how you carry your whole family to the next relationship😂😂😅 sasa wamerudi kwa jimal wote tena