Kibe says the offer is for everyone who has come across his content

Controversial YouTuber and content creator, Andrew Kibe, has announced a Sh100K prize that will be awarded to one artist worldwide.

Andrew Kibe is searching for a new song for his YouTube channel and has invited anyone who has come across the video to try their luck by forwarding their demos to him.

“I need to upgrade so I’m looking for a new song for my show. So I am looking for a new tune for the show.

Andrew Kibe

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“I’m going to pay 100,00k for the song that makes it. If you are a musician and you believe you have skills, find a way of getting your music to me,” Kibe said.

Kibe continued by expressing his uncertainty about the logistics but assured that everything would be conducted like a mini competition.

The content creator has now assigned the task of suggesting criteria for determining the winner to his viewers.

Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe currently has an intro song for his show but mentioned that he feels the need for a new song. He concluded by encouraging those with demos to send them to him.

Content creators and Copyright cases

In the past, content creators have often found themselves in legal trouble for using other artists’ songs without obtaining their consent.

A recent case involved rapper Nonini and Brian Mutinda. Nonini sued Mutinda for using his song without permission, and after the matter went to court, Mutinda was ordered to pay the rapper Sh1 million as a settlement.

Influencer Brian Mutinda

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Additionally, in August 2022, Mutinda faced another accusation for using a song by Wakadinali in his work.

However, they were unable to resolve the matter outside of court, and it is currently pending further legal action.

How to avoid copyright cases

Make sure you seek permission from copyright owners before using their work.Use creative commons licenses – These licenses allow for the use and distribution of content under certain conditions, which are outlined in the license.Create your own original work.Give credit to the original creator when you use their work.