Author: Koech K. Philip

Koech K. Philip. Is a Writer, Researcher, Pop Culture Fanatic and Christian Lifestyle Blogger. He is known for his detailed documentation of the journey of different public figures in both Christian and the Secular World. Email: [email protected] (+254)701 622 639.

Ghetto Leadership and Values:

Lessons From the Slum Lifestyle. Ghetto mindset in the corporate world. Ghetto is an isolated part of the city due to social, legal or economic pressure. It is associated with scarcity. People growing up in this part of the city have a scarcity mindset ingrained in them. They find it hard to adopt the abundance […]

Why Can’t I get Wet?

How to Understand Your Vaginal Lubrication Levels. First of all lets make this one thing clear, your natural lubrication levels are nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Please read that statement again. I know you are reading this because there are higher chances that you are feeling self-conscious about your lubrication levels. Are you wondering […]

Sex Education in Kenya.

How Gengetone Music is Forcing Parents to have Sex Talks with their Kids. Sexual Conversation in African Societies. It also refers to the occasional sex talks. It is a vital conversation on topics concerning the two different sexual genders, the encounters surrounding the sexes. Sex conversations needs to be brought into the household levels in […]

Ego and Hood Mentality:

The Ultimate Cause of Self-Sabotage in Gengetone. Ego is the Enemy of Prosperity in Gengetone. Have you ever heard a saying or is it supposed to be a memory verse that says “No weapon formed against me shall prosper?” Am sure you have heard it said by someone somewhere or you have read it in […]

The Rise of Gengetone.

The Popularity of Gengetone Music. This is a new genre of music , that gained popularity in kenya in early 2016. Gengetone  is a sub-genre of genge music which had it roots in Nairobi in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is majorly rap with a fusion of dancehall, reggaeton and genge. The fresh […]

What is Gengetone Lifestyle?

A Brief Description of  The Gengetone Culture. Gengetone lifestyle often reflects to the street culture with a potential of evolution and transformation of the people living it. It is made up of hustle and having fun either constructively by affecting other lives positively or by affecting your life negatively. The hassle mentality involves trading something […]