Azeezah Hashim is a young, energetic, self-driven and multutalented Media Personality from Nairobi Kenya.

She is a radio host, Voice Over Artist, TV presenter, Content producer, Social media influencer and corporate MC.

Azeezah Hashim Quick Bio and Achievements.

Growing up in the eastlands of Nairobi city (Eastleigh and Califonia), Azeezah Hashim had a dream of becoming a medical doctor.

She did her best to get excellent grades in all her school education and managed to score an A in KCSE national examination.

She decided to switch careers in her second year of University education and went all in to media and broadcasting.

Azeezah Hashim is now one of the sought after voice over artist and corporate MCs in Kenya.

She currently hosts one of the popular breakfast show in Kenya, NRG Breakfast, at NRG Radio alongside King Kalala, Natalie Githinji, 3Men Army Kenya.

She is also a TV presenter for the most anticipated weekend show at NTV Kenya called ‘Teen Republic’.

At her young age of 23, Azeezah Hashim has achieved alot though she has also had to work hard for the opportunities she has created for herself.

Her biggest idols are Bonang Matheba from South Africa and Caroline Mutoko from Kenya.

Azeezah Hashim definitely has something to say and is here to take over the game since she is a self proclaimed ‘MEDIA MESSIAH’.

Azeezah Hashim Age, Parents and Education Background.

Azeezah Hashim popularly known as the media messiah was born in the year 2000 in Mariastops Hospital in Eastleigh Ndakaz, Nairobi Kenya.

Her Parents are both a working class who are both present in her daily life.

Azeezah Hashim attended her primary school in Eastleigh, Majengo and Califonia.

She went to a national school for her high school education.

After scoring an A in KCSE examination, she joined The University of Nairobi ti pursue a medical degree then switched to Journalism and Media Studies.

Azeezah Hashim has always been an A student all the way through her school stages.

Azeezah Hashim Social Anxiety.

Due to her deep voice and short statue, Azeezah Hashim has struggled with her confidence in presence of other people.

In school, she used to bury herself in books and became a straight A student.

She wanted to do aviation or medical degree after graduating high school since it doesnt involve much of socializing.

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She has carried it all the way through to her adult hood to the point that she stays indoors whenever she is not at work.

She is still struggling with how she looks in fron if the public since she feels lesser than others in terms of her height and more masculine voice.

Azeezah Hashim Media Career.

After trying out all other childhood careers she intended to pursue, Aviation and Medical, Azeezah Hashim decided to do interfuculty transfer into Media and Broadcasting.

The transfer was not successful under the government sponsorship option but she opted to go for self- sponsored option.

Under the parallel option, Azeezah Hashim pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies at The University of Nairobi.

While still at the University, she started working her studies.

She worked at different media stations from the traditional to the digital ones before her major breakthrough in 2021.

She started off at Campus radio, an online radio station, where she had to host a 1 hour political show.

The station was sponsored by Compact Records but the job lasted for one month.

After a month, the went ahead to join Whats Up Studios, an online TV station in Lavington as a content Curator.

After sometime, her close friend created an online radio station so she decided to join him and host a breakfast show.

After sometime she joined Mstar, alother online radio station for a while before the station closed up.

Azeezah Hashim also worked at an online tv station, FOMO TV while still working with Shaumi as an assistant marketing manager.

Though she didnt get paid, alot of her media networking skills were developed there and it paid off later in her career.

She still kept on grinding and going for auditions at any and every single radio station in Nairobi.

The fact that doors kept on closing on her, she never lost hope on her dream of getting into radio.

Azeezah Hashim eventually quit her marketing job, which was well paying, to host a drive radio show for free but her Dad gave her an ultimatum of three months to ensure she gets a good job otherwise she will have to switch careers.

Within those three months, she managed to get a TV job at Ebru TV.

This was a biggest breakthrough for her since she had tarmaked from 2017 to 2020 with no success.

Azeezah Hashim Height.

From her instagram photo angles, she is definitely looks beautiful regardless of her height.

She is beautifully 5″ 1″ and give lots of men in Kenya very sleepless nights.

Azeezah Hashim Ebru TV.

After struggling to get into radio for long, Azeezah Hashim decided to join TV and try find a way back to radio.

She was among the 8 hosts of the popular youth entertainment tv show on ebru called ‘Chit Chat’.

After two shows, she was selected to join the ebru TV news team since she has a voice for news and political shows.

In the news department, she worked as a news reporter for both swahili and english segments.

She also worked as a news anchor and news editor.

All these happened before she was 22 years old.

Her passion and self drive is what has set her apart from other young media hosts in Kenya.

Azeezah Hashim NRG Radio.

In 2018, though unsuccessfull she was among the participants of the NRG Radio MVPs who submitted their content for selection.

Together with her friend, they managed to get to top 100.

She was still struggling with confidence and voice projection but she participated again in 2019 but she didnt make it to top 100.

In 2021, she recorded a video and participated in the audition while still working at ebru TV.

This time she made it to the top and was among the NRGEtic MVPs who are working at NRG Radio at the moment.

Azeezah Hashim Teen Republic NTV Show.

Her close networks has done alot of marketing for her behind the scenes plus she has a background in TV.

In 2022, Azeezah Hashim joined the nation Media Group as an entertainment TV host for a popular saturday show, Teen Republic.

Tothether with her other co hosts, they are responsible for entertaining young adult kenyans every weekend.

Azeezah Hashim Boyfriend.

Being a career driven workaholic who stops at nothing to achieve what she wants, Azeezah Hashim has managed to keep her dating life out of the public eye.

Her Anxiety doesnt really give her room to display what makes her vulnerable sunce she feels that way already.

So at the moment, Azeezah Hashim has not revealed the details on who is warming her bed.

Azeezah Hashim Net Worth.

Though her Net-Worth is not yet in the public domain, Azeezah Hashim is definitely getting paid from her muntiple streams of income.

Her Net-Worth is approxmately $100,000 as of 2023.

Azeezah Hashim Instagram Contacts.

Instagram @azeezah_h