Azziad Nasenya Quick Bio Facts.

  • She became tiktok famous at age of 19 by doing dance videos.
  • Massive cyberbullying drove her to suicide thoughts.
  • She is an alumni of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.
  • Before the release of ‘Utawezana’ song, she already had over 35,000 followers on Instagram and over 98,000 followers on tiktok.
  • She was crowned the best actress while still a first year student at KIMC.
  • She moved out of her parent’s house to live in her own one-bedroom apartment at Donholm.
  • She is the most hardworking and the most talented actress, influencer, radio host, content creator and believer in God.
  • She started content creation after graduating high school.
  • She is one of the top richest self-made millionaires in Kenya under age 25 according to NGORISPOT XYZ ( website.
  • She doesn’t run her own twitter account since it is too crowded with cyberbullies.
  • Azziad Nasenya is the solo host of the breakfast show at Sound City Radio.
  • She is a genius of social media and live stage performances.
  • She used to sleep on the floor in her apartment in Donholm.
  • She became eligible for verification on tiktok before the required time of verification.
  • She can do anything you think she can put her mind to.
  • She is the force of nature on tiktok.
  • Her biggest dream is to do international acting.

Azziad Nasenya is definitely a force with massive influence on social media that her die hard audience comes from all works of life.

She has managed to survive cyberbullying, which always comes with the territory, and she now handles all her haters accordingly.

From the highlights mentioned on the bio facts above, am sure that you would like to know more about her background story and how she ventured into social media, the space where hate and bullying is the order of the day.

Here is the story and journey of Azziad Nasenya in the public limelight.

Azziad Nasenya Biography.

Coming from a working class family with a lot of respect for hard work and tenacity, Azziad had grown to be a household name where people from all works of life know her.

Her audience is made up of every type of human species from all that express love for her to those who cant wait to hate on her next post on social media.

She is definitely the only person who has ever experienced the ultimate balance of life; she has been exposed to both extremes of love and hate all in a span of hours every day.

From her story and the way she conducts herself in public, you can tell that she was born to do this and she is all about this life.

Despite experiencing a lot of hate that drove her to almost contemplate suicide, Azziad never gave up on the vision she had about her future.

By now she is familiar with the way hate and love pushes her brand to new audience who end up being haters or lovers.

She is well versed on how to navigate all of that as she keeps on working on her dreams.

Here is Azziad Nasenya’s background story.

Azziad Nasenya Real Name, Age, parents, Tribe and Education Background.

Azziad Nasenya whose real name is Azziad Wafula Nasenya was born on 16th June 2000 to a Luhya Family in Mumias, Kakamega County.

Her parents moved a lot between Nairobi, Mumias and Kakamega.

Azziad’s mother is based in Germany while her dad works in Mumias Kenya.

Most of her childhood was spent in Nairobi before her aunt suggested that she move to Mumias to finish her primary education.

Azziad joined Lugulu Girls in Mumias where she did her K.C.P.E national examination before joining high school.

For high school education, she joined ST Cecilia High School in Misikhu Bungoma County.

She joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) on May 2018 to pursue a diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

Azziad Nasenya Sister (Gimase Amadi).

Azziad’s family is definitely blessed with beauty and cute smiles which are a blessing to our social media feeds.

Gimase Amadi is Azziad’s older sister who is also a YouTuber and actress. Her nickname is Rich Girl Sloune.

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Her beauty and flawless good vibes energy has elevated her brand to the point of securing an influencer deal with Trim Beauty Parlor.

Gimase is married and has a beautiful daughter making Azziad a young aunty.

Azziad Nasenya Acting Career.

While still a young lady in sixth grade, Azziad discovered her love for acting. This was made possible by her teachers who helped develop that talent in her.

She was lucky to be in a school that was very interested in helping their students discover their talent at a very young age.

In high school, she participated in all forms of stage performances that were eligible for inter school competition all over the country.

Her high school acting group managed to win the top reward of performing in the state house and nationals.

She many focused on stage plays, public speaking and choral verses.

After high school, she joined an acting group called Hearts of Art which does stage plays all over theatres in Nairobi.

She has been the member of this acting club even after going viral and becoming an online sensation just because she loves to be on stage and on screens doing what she loves.

Azziad has appeared on various Kenyan films and TV Series including Selina which airs on Maisha Magic East, where she has played as the lead and an extra.

Her debut character on Selina in June 2020 was Chichi and in July the same year, she co-hosted Concert Nyumbani, a show that honored Covid-19 warriors alongside Mwaniki Mageria.

Her big dream is to one day be casted on international films including Hollywood and other film entities all over the world.

Azziad Nasenya Utawezana.

Before the release of ‘Utawezana’ song, Azziad  already had over 35,000 followers on Instagram and over 98,000 followers on tiktok.

She was always consistent with her YouTube vlogs and skits plus her dancing videos on tiktok.

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Upon the release of the song by Mejja and Femi One, the dance challenge was on.

Many other celebrities did their challenge but Azziad’s flexible petite waist wont everybody’s heart and it went viral in a matter of six hours.

Her background as a dancer on tiktok made everything perfect for her to give a unique performance in the video.

Till date, Azziad is credited for being the one who made the song more popular than the arists themselves.

Shoe Game With Azziad.

This is an online show hosted by Azziad Nasenya herself where she interviews different celebrities talking about their shoe game.

The idea was initiated by Victor Odhiambo, one of her close business associates and they worked together with her team to make it a success.

Azziad has interviewed a lot of celebrities on the story behind their expensive shoes and why they invest in their shoe game.

She show was started in 2020 and its on YouTube.

Azziad Nasenya Boyfriend.

Unlike most young celebrities who have had a taste of fame, Azziad has managed to keep her personal life private.

She has learned the power of social media and trolls that can make or break up a relationship however they want.

Azziad is actually dating but her partner is kept away from the public dimain.

Azziad Nasenya Car and Net Worth.

Coming from a middle class family, Azziad definitely had a privilege to get a head start to build her own wealth her own way.

Her mother works in Germany and she provided all the support that she needed as she was starting her influencer and acting career.

After putting in hard work and hustling every day, Azziad can now book at least six big brand influencer deals apart from other long term brand partnerships that she has managed to secure.

Currently she has a radio job, YouTube Show, TV Series roles, Brand endorsement deals and many other social media paid per post deals.

Azziad Nasenya has a net worth of approximately over 70,000 dollars.