Bey T brief Bio and Achievements.

Bey-T is one of the few artists in Kenya who really understand and pay attention to the power of the internet and social media.

Starting out as a Soundcloud rapper, Bey-T has grown to be one of the best rappers in Kenya let alone being the best Female rapper in the East African Hip hop scene.

Her big break came about in 2018 after releasing her first song outside Soundcloud titled ‘Face Time’.

Her early achievements did not come as a result of the mainstream media attention but the internet.

The video of her first single ‘Face Time’ gained massive success and introduced her to the industry at an early age.

After doing the video of her other hit song ‘Wololo’, the success was huge and it propelled her brand further that she got the attention of Mr Eazi’s emPawa Africa Program.

Bey-T was also featured in the Khali Cartel 3 by Khaligraph Jones due to her immense talent and lyrical flow.

With all these success, Bey-T managed to attract some beef that led her to release another hit song that was enough proof that she is on top of her game.

Her beef with Tanasha Donna sparked a lot of outrage on the internet concerning one hit wonder artists who are out to chase clout while they are deprived of talent.

The diss track is titled ‘Don to the Donna’ and it was a massive hit that dragged down Tanasha Donna that she couldn’t respond to it.

Here is a story of the journey of Bey-T in the music industry:

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Bey T Background, Parents, Real Name, Tribe

Betty Atsedu popularly known as Bey-T was born on July 24 1999 in Nairobi.

Her parents spent most of their time in Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the United States.

Bey-T also spent most of her life time travelling between the countries, which is a beautiful thing for her as a young lady.

The exposure to different cultures and forms of life in different countries has influenced her music and the creative routes she chooses to partake.

Bey-T has roots from the tribe of Habesha who inhabited parts of Eritrea. Her roots are also here in Kenya since she spent most of her time schooling in Nairobi.

For her primary school, Bey-T attended Loreto Covenant and she later joined Braeside High School, a branch of Braeburn group of Schools, in Lavington Nairobi.

Apart from having passion for music, Bey-T had interest in sports and she played football for her high school team.

Having travelled well in her early life, Bey-T is one of the artists with an open mind and her music is definitely interesting to explore.

Bey T Journey into Music.

Stepping into the music scene as a hip hop artist, Bey-T started her journey in 2017. At this time, she was still testing the waters, recording music and sharing them on soundcloud.

A year later, she released a series of solo singles that launched her into the music industry. Bey-T released ‘Face Time’, ‘If they Dunno’, ‘Bad Bad’, and ‘Vision’.

During the same year, she dropped an EP titled ‘Concept Vol 1’.

In 2019 she dropped other music singles that kept her consistent in the mainstream media.

These singles that were straight success were; ’25 Flow’, ‘Don to the Donna’, ‘Wololo’, ‘Nineteen’ and ‘Just Admit It’, ‘RIB (Run It Back)’

The consistency that Bey-T had in the industry ranked her as among the top artists to travel to Cape Town for a masterclass facilitated by emPawa Africa.

Together with other new savvy artists from Kenya like Boutross, Karun and Nikita Kering, Bey-T had the privilege to benefit from the masterclass.

Later in 2019, she got a chance to be featured in the Khali Cartel 3, which is a platform for all new artists to rhyme with the legendary himself, Khaligraph Jones.

In 2020 she dropped a single titled ‘Ndio’ which did well since her brand and style of music is cemented in the game.

She has gone ahead and released a lot of singles that explores her rap and vocal extent. The ‘Chele Chele’ song that she dropped in 2021 tells it all.

Bey T Beef with Tanasha Donna.

In April 2019 Bey-T and Tanasha Donna got into a little fight on the internet.

The beef was just a little public address that Bey-T had concerning Tanasha’s comments on Kenyan artists but it was escalated by the popular KOT (Kenyans On Twitter).

Around this time, Tanasha Donna was still an upcoming artist with a background in radio broadcasting.

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She released her first song called ‘Radio’, featuring Barak Jaccuzi which people claimed that it was pretty much average and basic but the mainstream media gave it a lot of attention and airplay compared to other talented underground artists who struggle to get airplay.

Now Bey-T took it to social media to accuse Tanasha of using her phrase “Kenya to the world” in the ‘Radio’ song.

She claimed that she coined it and was the one who used it first in her previous songs and Tanasha Donna is just clout chasing but not here to do music.

Bey-t still doesn’t believe that she is talented enough to start using other artists’ verse who have been out here pushing their craft for a long time.

This accusation turned into a heated argument on Instagram which later ended in Bey-T dropping a diss track, which of course made her some money.

In the song she is pressing Tanasha to go back to Radio broadcasting since she uses ghost writers in her music.

Tanasha Dona clapped back to Bey-T with an insta story saying that she is just chasing clout.

Maybe Tanasha should just go back to radio or just respond back with a hard diss track or just keep quiet and ignore the whole thing instead of looking stupid with an insta story.

Bey T Songs, Mixtapes and Merchandise.

Despite the fact that it took her two years to blow up, Bey-T is talentede and was made to do this music thing.

Her songs give enough proof of it. Her mixtape, Concept Vol 1 had alot of tracks that will definitely introduce you well to her creative space.

The whole concept of the mixtape was to launch her music career as well as the branding and business through merchandise.

Bey-T’s merch business is composed of hoodies, with animated drawings of herself, the mixtape cover page, and her popular phrase ‘Kenya To the World’.

In the mixtape, she had some international features with artists from Zimbabwe and Namibia.

You can check out her songs here on boomplay.