A Brief Intro to Bio of Boutross Munene, The Shrap God.

After developing interest in music at an early age of 12, specifically rap and hip hop, Boutross has grown to be a professional rapper with his own record label.

He doubles as a rapper and a producer with the ability to sing too.

Boutross has definitely made a name for himself as a unique artist with his own style called Shrap Music. This basically refers to the type of rap that is predominantly delivered in the Kenyan street language ‘Sheng’.

The sound of the shrap music is basically the fusion of trap and pop.

He appeared in the Homeboyz Radio Jumpoff Freshmen 2015 and was also chosen as one of the Empawa Africa Artists by Mr Eazi.

Boutrosss was also featured in the Octopizzo’s Tergat Gang in 2017, which was one of the biggest hit singles in Kenya.

He has performed in many big stages all over East Africa including the Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour which took place in Kenya and also had a privilege to perform at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda.

He had an opportunity to feature Sho Madjozi in his Turn a Hobby to a Job EP that he did with Kay Green and Jovie Jovv.

Boutross has also done several tours entertaining his fans with his shrap style of music.

One of the popular tours he did was the Shraplife Campus Tour that the initiated and performed in most big campuses in Nairobi including Multimedia, Riara, Mt. Kenya, Daystar, Kenyatta and Zetech Universities.

Here is the life and the journey of Boutross in the music industry.

Boutross Background, Parents and Real Name.

Kevin Mwebia Munene a.k.a Boutross is a talented rapper, singer and a producer who was born in Meru and raised in Nairobi.

He started rapping and doing freestyles at the age of 12. Growing up, he performed at local talent search shows all around Nairobi especially in school and in Highrise Estate where he lived most of his life.

He did his primary education at Highrise, Mbagathi and for his secondary school education; he joined St Martin High School and Igwanjau Secondary School in Meru.

Boutross lost his dad when he was young, 12 years old, at the time he realized his love for music. The memories and recollections about his dad are not much since he had not yet built a connection with him that much.

In 2013 is where he started pursuing music Professionally. After a long hussle and extreme hardwork as he perfected his craft, Boutross had his first big break in 2015 which was an exposure to a larger hip hop audience.


He was among the Homeboyz Radio Jumpoff freshmen in 2015, which is an amazing platform that introduced him as a professional shrap artist and gave him an opportunity for airplay.

His songs were added to the regular radio playlist at the Homeboyz Radio.

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Boutross Shraplife Campus Tour.

Boutross has a reputation of bringing his A-game when it comes to stage performance. It might seem like it is what is required by his type of music but his energy is always pure good vibes along with the crowd.

From performing at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda to the Naifest, Boutross had enough proof that he can come up with his own stage tour.

Boutross and Tergat Gang.

In 2017, Boutross was a part of the Tergat Gang which was made up of three rappers; him, the legendary rapper Octopizzo and Barak Jaccuzi.

Together they made some hits which were some of the hardcore lyrics the three rappers had ever done in their solo projects.

The group split up later and everyone did their own thing as they grew differently.

Boutross Drug Addiction.

Fame comes with its own angels and demons that can really put you in a tough spot that you cant seem to find a way out.

We have seen a lot of artists struggle with drug addiction while others sink into alcoholism and they end up dead or miserably broke.

For Boutross, the road into drug addiction was taking him to a dark road where he struggled to come out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, he was actually a functional addict but thank God it wasn’t that severe addiction yet.

He was going through what every famous young artist go through, they don’t need to undergo all these things but they always fall into a trap of peer pressure.

Things like; the need to always be turned up even when you feel low and the need to fit into a certain group of people or the need to display a certain personality that makes other people like you more.

Boutross was lucky to have an honest crew behind him who happen to care much about his wellbeing, the AD Family.

They helped him with through the journey of staying sober and luckily he didn’t go way too far to the point of going to rehab.

All thanks to his close circle of real friends who did what they can to stop him before it was too late.

Boutross and AD Family.

AD Family is a unity of creatives that are at the forefront of pushing the shrap movement.

They are the ones who are responsible for the birth and growth of shrap music in the Kenyan and the whole of East African music scene.

The group is made up of Boutross himself and other creatives including Dope-I-Mean, K Green and a team of DJs like Mawich.

The group created a hip hop event called the Shrap Nite which is a platform for the showcase of some of the freshest artist coming out of Nairobi.

Some of the artists that came out of the platform is Dope-I-mean who managed to drop a solo mixtape called ‘Mean Time’.

Together as a collective, AD Family released ‘ShrapLife EP’ later in 2017 before heading out for Shraplife Campus Tour.

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Boutross Record Label.

Like any other artist with big and wildest dreams in the entertainment industry, Boutross had an idea of establishing a record label from way back in 2015.

Later in 2021, Boutross and his business partner Musau decided to register a record label under the name ADF which stands for Alliance Dominy Family.

The label is made up of a team of creative artists with different professions who work behind Boutross and other ADF musical artists.

The team is actually what Boutross refer to as the people who help him make his dreams come true.

ADF as a label is doing pretty well as a young business company in the music business.

Boutross Songs, Albums and Mixtapes.

Boutross has done a lot of music projects with most of them ending up as mixtapes which were received very well in the market.

His first EP album was Kabla Mtindo, which had a total of eight tracks. This was his solo project away from the rest of the AD Family crew and it was an opportunity to showcase what he can present as a body of work.

In his album, he featured Gengetone, hip hop and shrap artists including Kahu$h, Bey-T and Benzema.


Boutross has done several solo mixtapes and some done as a whole crew of AD Family.

Here are some of his solo musical project titles.

  1. BUDS.
  2. Internet.
  3. Billy Jean.
  4. 6ix EP.
  5. 6ixviewsii8k.

Here are some of the musical project titles done as a whole Ad Family Crew;

  1. Shraplife
  2. El Cabrone Mixtape.
  3. Turn a Hobby to a Job.

You can stream all of Boutross songs here.