Intro to Brandy Maina Bio and Achievements.

Coming from a foundation of music entertainment, Brandy Maina has become one of the multitalented artists in Kenya.

Brandy Maina a.k.a The Golden Flow started singing music journey at a young age but she has always worked on perfecting her art.

She is committed to learn all the aspects of music and entertainment business.

From joining college of music to studying communication and advertising to add up to all that she could do to boost her brand as an independent artist.

Brandy Njeri Maina a.k.a Brandy Maina is a singer, song writer, dancer, vocalist, talent manager, entrepreneur and a music teacher. She has written songs to many artists not only from Kenya but internationally.

She is an independent Afro-Pop, RnB and soul artist who has come to be known as ‘The Golden flow’

Her cult-like following fans that gravitate towards her style of music sets her apart as a brand let alone her signature voice.

Her first live performance was at the Koroga festival in 2017 with her unique voice that later launched her into the Kenyan entertainment scene.

She has worked with a lot of mainstream artists doing different genres of music from Hip Hop, Gengetone to Amapiano.

After recognizing the new wave of the South African Amapiano style of music, Brandy jumped on it and made a lot of hits that can still rock your heart to this day.

Here is the biography and the story of Brandy Maina in the music industry.

Brandy Maina Dating/Boyfriend.

Earlier in 2022, Brandy Maina stated that she is, ‘dating herself’, but not into dating other people at the moment.

Unlike many other young ladies with a terrible type and taste in men, she didn’t classify all men as trash or dogs.

She believes that ‘men’ as an entity is made up of different types of people from different backgrounds and works of life.

Its upon the ladies to decide which type fits for them and accept the setbacks they encounter if the relationship doesn’t go as planned.

For Brandy Maina, the relationship and dating life did not work well as she thought.

Trust issues that she has towards men eyeing her gets her confused since she doesn’t know if her attraction to them is as a result of fame or her own personality or both.

 That is why Brandy decided to take a break to try figure all of that out first before falling in love and hurting somebody or getting hurt herself.

She believes that everyone is on a constant journey of finding out who they are and they keep on meeting different people who end up loving or hurting them.

The best thing anyone can do is to just enjoy the experiences and the moments that come with it as we keep learning and moving forward.

Brandy Maina Battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

When she was asked why she wasn’t dating at the time when everyone of her age is going YOLO on the dating scene, Brandy Maina revealed that she was single for a reason.

One of the many reasons being the fact that she’s been battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which makes things a little hard to handle in the dating scene.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder common among women of a reproductive age and is caused by prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone levels.

Excess hair growth can also be a factor that comes as a result of PCOS

Only her two very close friends knew about her condition but not her parents. She still doesn’t know how to come out to her parents and explain the whole situation.

She tried dating before but men kept reminding her that she has a lot of hair and she couldn’t tolerate her partner cheating as a result of her condition.

 Brandy Maina decided to take a break from dating life and work on accepting herself first as a whole so that nobody can use her condition against her in the future.

Brandy Maina Musical Career.

From performing in front of the class in the fifth grade to studying music and instrumentation in high school, Brandy Maina grew up to be a professional in music.

She was among the eight members of Twisted Rebirths Dance Crew in high school where she learned dancing and toured for all the dance competitions in the region.

After finishing high school, she joined Sauti Academy to study the art of music writing and performance.

This is where she developed a vital skill of song writing that is now making her some good money on the side.

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She later joined Daystar University where she pursued a degree in Advertising and Communication.

The knowledge and practice that she acquired in class is what she is now applying in her career as an independent artist.

Brandy Maina also attended a dance class before releasing most of her Amapiano songs which were straight up hits all over Africa.

That’s the level of commitment that she is willing to put into his music creation.

Brandy Maina Music Business, Travel Agency.

Unlike most artists who always get themselves into tough situation with contract signing, Brandy Maina is well versed with that.

She has been on the forefront urging artists to take their art seriously and be professional about it since it a business that puts food on their table.

As an independent artist in the Kenyan entertainment scene, Brandy is well armed with lawyers and managers who make sure the clients take her seriously.

Being a savvy young and hungry business woman, she is still out hunting for opportunities outside the music industry.

Brandy Maina has ownership of travel and tours agency, Chaterlink Safaris, organizing traveling packages for individuals and groups.

Brandy Maina Songs and Mixtapes.

There is no doubt that Brandy Maina is a hit maker.

He takes her time to come up with a song, from doing research on the beats and instrumentals to just getting in ‘the zone’ before coming up with party anthems.

She was definitely the first Kenyan to come up with a party and romantic Amapiano song when the wave had just hit the East African entertainment scene.

In2021 she dropped an EP called Upset The Setup, which was a mixtape of her body of work that explores her style of music and what she is capable of doing as an artist.

Here are some of the hits from Brandy Maina that will definitely bless your playlist:

Brandy Maina Upset The Setup EP


Yaani Wewe

Mpaka Che

Mali Safi

Metronome Musa



Nigwedete ft Maandy

Oh Kumbe

Like This ft Malikyns

Calm Down Visualizer

Lover Man

Broken And Broken


Christmas Vibe

Calm Down

Trust Nobody.

You can stream her music here for free.