Intro to Buruklyn Boyz Bio and Achievements.

Starting out as underground hip hop rap group doing freestyles on instagram, Buruklyn Boyz have grown to be the number one drill artists in Kenya.

With their unique sense of fashion and lyrics portraying their urge to make it out of the streets, the group is an inspiration to the youth in the streets of Eastlands Nairobi.

Buruklyn Boyz is a Sheng’ rap group made up of many members with Mr Right and Ajay being the face of the group at the moment.

The group comes from Buruburu neighborhood, in Eastlands of Nairobi. The name of the group represents their neighborhood and the bus route (58), which has a reputation of having the best ‘Manyangas’ (Pimped public service Matatu vehicles).

Some of their big songs that introduced them to the rest of the drill world were ‘Nairobi’, ‘Dream ya Kutoka Block’ and ‘Tano Nane’

Buruklyn Boyz have managed to create a cult-like fan base that happen to be their promoters and ambassadors of their music.

Their first hit song ‘Nairobi’ topped the charts all over mainstream Kenya without any promotion or a media tour done by the group; the fans took care of that.

The fans always go crazy whenever the group is on stage; this was evident during the Boilerroom stage performance in Nairobi.

The crowd was going crazy dancing to the tunes of Buruklyn Boyz, which makes them feel a certain way especially during a live performance.

Here is a biography and the story of the Africa’s top drill masters, Buruklyn Boyz.

Buruklyn Boyz Background.

Growing up together in the same neighborhood, the whole of the Buruklyn Boyz went to the same school and learning about music together in the hood.

Sharing the same dream of making out of the harsh reality of living in the streets, the group got inspired to write a song about it titled, ‘Dream ya Kutoka Block’.

The song was a manifestation of things they would like to do in their life if things were going well like they would like to.

Being a living the testimony of their dreams coming to reality, their die-hard fans from the hood cant stop being proud of them.

Buruklyn Boyz Mambers.

Representing Tano Nane (Route 58), Buruklyn Boyz claim that there are quite a number of members in the group but the founders are Ajay and Mr. Right.

The two are great lyricists who spend much of their time around music; either performing or in the studio recording new lyrics.

Ajay is definitely good with the flow and crafting easily digestible lyrics while Mr Right is the hook master who takes the track to the peak.

Mr Right dropped his first critically acclaimed solo drill titled ‘Piga Lean’ that shown his level of proficiency in the genre.

Ajay also dropped his own track titled ‘Psycho’ which also display him as one of the top drillers who understand what is required of drill music.

Buruklyn Boyz Music Career.

Coming up as an underground regular rap group doing hip hop freestyles, Buruklyn Boyz had to rethink their breakout plan.

Apart from doing freestyle hip hop, they were also trying out Shrap music which was new and popular style in Kenya at the time.

In 2019, the drill wave was gaining popularity all over the world. Since it is just a subgenre of hip hop music it only requires more bars and hardcore gangsta style of performance.

There was just a few artists doing drill in Africa, so the Buruklyn Boyz took advantage of the opportunity and flooded the market with their music.

Throughout the short period of time, the group has managed to create a cult-like fun base that will stream whatever music they put out or purchase the ticket to go see them performing on stage.

What makes them unique is not only their style of music but also their swag when it comes to fashion.

Their shirts, pants and durags represent them in a unique way and sets them apart as the only popular drillers in East Africa.

Plus they have a popular catch phrase ‘Kwani ni Kesho’ (meaning ‘is it tomorrow?’ or ‘why not today?’) which is now used by everybody all over Kenya whenever there is a conversation about boldness.

So whenever they are on stage, the crowd cant stop chanting ‘Tano Nane’ or ‘Kwani ni Kesho’. The group brings out the courage in everyone through their lyrics.

Buruklyn Boyz would always express themselves as both hardcore and vulnerable through music, this is probably the reason why their music appeals to many people.

With their song, ‘Dream ya Kutoka Block’, (Dreams of Leaving the Hood) they managed to reveal their vulnerabilities while living in the hood and their dreams of getting out.

The Making of Buruklyn Boyz Rap Group and Buruklyn Records.

Immediately after the release of the song, ‘Durag na Slice’ in 2019, the Buruklyn Boyz group was officially formed.

This happened through the efforts of their producer Carbon Dencho who initiated the unity of Ajay and Mr Right coming together as the pioneers of Buruklyn Boyz.

Carbon Dencho is a sonic in-house music producer who is always paying attention to the worldwide trends in music sounds.

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After realizing the potential of the drill style taking over the world, he already had in mind the perfect artists to take over the Kenyan drill.

The idea behind forming the group was to ensure the non-stop production of music that would flood the market and easily stamp their identity as the top drill artists in Africa.

They had to find a way to dominate both as a group while still dropping singles as individual artists just experimenting on beats that commands attention.

This is how they managed to create a cult-like following because having a fan base in Kenya means that you have to make really good music with no room for mistakes.

Buruklyn Boyz have their own record label, Buruklyn Records, with a well-functioning studio which gives them the flexibility they need to record music consistently.

Buruklyn Boyz Merchandise/Clothing line.

Apart from just doing music, Buruklyn Boyz are entrepreneurs too.

They own their clothing line selling merchandise displaying the B-Boys branded signs.

The clothing line deals with pants, shirts and durags.

Buruklyn Boyz Boiler Room and Ballantines Events.

In April 2022, Buruklyn Boyz held an extraordinary drill event which they were the headliners who ended the party on a high note.

The event was in partnership with the Boiler Room and Ballantine’s True Music Studios where the entry was invites only.

All the youth from different corners of Nairobi showed up for the event. The performance line up was by artists including Dyana Cods, Silverstone Barz, DJ Iche and Deejay Otiz.

The legendary Sheila Kwambox was the one hosting the event.

Buruklyn Boyz Songs and Mixtapes.

With a series of drill hits that has caught the attention of international media, Buruklyn Boyz have grown to be the most wanted hit makers in Africa.

Their song ‘Dream ya Kutoka Block’ was listed as among the hardest drill songs across the globe.

One of the urban British music outlet and entertainment platform, Grime and Rap Music Daily (GRM), came up with the list giving the Boyz all the credits for the growth of drill in Kenya.

Here are some of the hit songs from Buruklyn Boyz;

Ki Dejavu.

Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block

Location 58

Piga Lean

Bad Boyz Club

Yes Bana

Durag Na Slice

Good Morning Africa






Tano Nane

Doba Idumba