The Canadian government has denied reports that Kenyans are able to access special programs to help them secure jobs in Canada.

In a statement on May 16, the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department cautioned Kenyans against being duped.

“Disinformation is circulating which suggests that special programs are welcoming Kenyan immigrants. This is false, and the immigration programs referenced do not exist,” the statement read.

This clarification was made after Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua announced a partnership between Kenya and Canada to help Kenyans seek jobs abroad.

CS Mutua said he had met with Sean Fraser the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada and agreed on the various migration opportunity pathways for Kenyans to go and live or work in Canada.

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Dr. Alfred Mutua

“I was pleased to note that there are job opportunities within various economic sectors across Canada and Kenyans can travel to Canada as students, tourists and as workers,” he said.

In a statement, the Foreign Affairs CS added that the two counties were in deep negotiations and we would be providing a comprehensive statement.

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“Currently, Canada has more employment opportunities than available people to work and we agreed that Kenya can help fill that gap. The process for those who wish to go to Canada is simple but requires one to be diligent,” CS Mutua said.

He also warned Kenyans to be aware of shady recruiters would be planning to swindle them.

As Kenya grapples with various economic challenges, an increasing number of Kenyan professionals are setting their sights on opportunities abroad.

The pursuit of better employment prospects, higher wages, and improved living conditions has led many individuals to consider seeking work in foreign countries.

One of the primary factors driving this trend is the high level of unemployment in Kenya, particularly among young graduates.

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Despite their qualifications and skills, job opportunities within the country often remain scarce, leaving many graduates frustrated and disillusioned.

The desire for gainful employment has compelled a growing number of Kenyans to explore overseas options, where they believe they can secure better career prospects and financial stability.