Cartoon Actress also known as Cartoon Comedian is a Kenyan internet personality doing humorous video clips on YouTube that depicts the daily life of youth in the slums.

She is known for her viral videos with catch phrases like, ‘Inaniaffect, Inanisuffocate, Inaninyoonga’, which are now used by most entertainers in Kenya.

With just a phone camera which could only film low quality video, she concentrated all her effort in making sure that the content is top notch.

Cartoon Comedian is a genius when it comes to writing comedic content for either funny video clips or stand up stage performance.

She rose to stardom during the onset of the Covid- 19 pandemic where she became a source of online entertainment to most people since there was a high demand for online content at the time.

She has been featured in the popular comedy stage in Africa, The Churchill Show, after a series of unsuccessful auditions which was a motivation for her to keep on trying.

Doubling as Cartoon Actress and Cartoon Comedian, she has created a successful career for herself as a movie actor and a stand-up comedian doing big brand endorsement deals in Kenya.

Her big financial breakthrough came when she signed an endorsement deal with KFC that saw her image on the billboards on the busy roads of Nairobi city.

Cartoon Comedian Biography.

Here is the journey and story of Cartoon Comedian from the slums of Kariobangi to becoming the top internet personalities in Kenya.

Cartoon Comedian Real Name, Age, Tribe and Early Life.

Vanessa Akinyi popularly known as Cartoon Comedian was born in the year 2000 at Masimba in Kayole, Eastlands Nairobi.

She is originally from the Suba community of the Luo Tribe inhabiting the nyanza region in Kenya.

Cartoon Comedian is the last born in a family of three kids, two boys and one girl who were raised by a single mother doing whatever she can to raise her kids.

She spent her early life in in Kayole juggling between poverty and surviving as a ghetto kid born in the slums.

This is where she was exposed to the harsh reality of life that comes with not being able to access the basic things like food, nice clothes and rent, not to mention the school tuition fees.

Her parents separated when Cartoon Comedian was still young and they had to move from place to place whenever they got kicked out of the house when rent was not paid.

The memories and recollections of her child hood are in Kayole and Kariobangi neighborhoods which she spent most of her struggling life as a young kid.

Cartoon Comedian had to mature fast and try to always cope with the environment by either finding a job, selling groceries or flipping Omena.

Cartoon Comedian Education Background.

Growing up, Cartoon Comedian went to a number of schools depending of the financial situation at home in the moment.

For primary school, she attended Gracious Primary from kindergarten to class four before shifting Donholm Primary School where she completed her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E).

Attending Donholm primary was a challenge for her since it was very far and her mother couldn’t afford the daily bus fare.

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Cartoon Comedian and her brothers had to go on foot from Masimba kayole to donholm, which is quite a distance but they had to go that far to get education like the rest of the Kenyan kids.

For high school education, she joined Kiambu High for a while and later moved out because of the school tuition fees which became expensive for her mother to pay.

After leaving kiambu she joined Enstein High School in Kariobangi where she was juggling between school and hustling to make money for survival.

She was lucky to be the one in the family who got sponsorship from her aunt who paid part of her tuition fees but she had to pay for other needs.

Since she understands how her mother is doing the best she could, Cartoon Comedian had to find a way to make money on the side to sustain herself through high school.

Through all the turmoil, she completed her high school education and scored a C- (minus) in her national K.C.S.E examination.

She completed high school in 2016 and this is when life got a little bit harder than before since she is now an adult who is supposed to contribute to the budget of the family at home.

Cartoon Comedian now had to try and major on developing her talent as a comedian and actress while making little money hawking Omena in the streets all over the Embakasi West neighborhoods.

Cartoon Comedian Churchill Show and Comedy Career.

Being so hardworking and ambitious young lady, Cartoon Comedian did a lot of auditions for the popular Churchill show.

The show is one of the most coveted comedy platforms in East Africa where young comedians launch their career and build a brand as professional comics.

Many comedians like Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, Jemutai, and many more big names including Salvador from Uganda and Pablo from Rwanda had their biggest moments of shine.

Cartoon Comedian auditioned for this show for close to a year without seeing any success but along the way she learned a thing or two on how to write and do stand-up comedy.

One day when the Churchill Show was to be taped at the Alliance Francaise, she was among the new comedians to pass through the auditions to perform live on stage.

Her first performance about ‘Maboi Wa Ghetto’ was successful, though it didn’t give her enough boost as a stage performer, it was enough proof for her shat she can do this thing for real.

The downside was that she also had to be doing auditions again before getting the green light to be a regular performer on stage.

Taking it as a challenge and a learning experience, Cartoon Comedian folded her sleeves and tried once again for months before breaking through to the stage for the second time.

She had gone through a season of experiencing tension and pressure of delivering good stage performance which led to her bombing and getting booed on stage.

Her next successful performance happened just before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown which took her to a different direction as an entertainer.

As the lockdown happened, Churchill Show took a break leaving most comedians looking for other ways of expressing their comedic skills online.

Cartoon Comedian YouTube Show.

When the Covid-19 brought everything to a stand-still, all live events including stage performances were put on a pause until further notice.

Most content creators including comedians had to switch to the internet to look for audience for their craft and try to build up their brands as independent comedians.

Cartoon Comedian was among them, she started doing video clips and posting them on YouTube, Insatgram, tiktok and Facebook.

The concept of the videos took some time before they performed better and appeal to mass audience online.

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At some point in the year 2020, she had her viral moment which was a total game changer for her career in comedy.

The ‘Inaniaffect’ video of her describing how the hardcore English language spoken by her boyfriend was affecting her response was the one that made her a viral sensation.

This video led to the increase of the numbers on her platforms including YouTube.

Catch phrases like ‘Inaniaffect, Inanisuffocate, Inaninyonga’ with a unique ghetto accent are now used by everyone in the country either on t-shirts or DJs using it as a sound bite in their mixes.

Cartoon Comedian has now become one of the successful internet comedians and influencers in Kenya who are doing big endorsement deals.

Her success as a comedian didn’t come easy but it was just by shear hard work, adapting to rejection whenever and trying it again even if you don’t feel like doing it again.

Cartoon Comedian Net worth and Cars.

Being one of the top influencers in Kenya, Cartoon Comedian is among the most wanted by the corporates and big brands who wants to invest in her talent.

She has worked with brands like Safaricom, KFC, Uber Chapchap, Odi Bets and others who sponsor her videos on YouTube.

She managed to buy her first car Nissan Note, as a gift to herself in the presence of her friends and content creators.

Cartoon Comedian has come a long way and at the age of 22 she has an approximate net worth of over 120,000 Dollars.

She still has a long way to go with more good thing to come her way since she is one of the most hardworking and professional comedians to ever get that much success while young.

Cartoon Comedian Boyfriend.

There was rumors that Cartoon Comedian was dating her fellow interned personality and comedian Crazy Kennar.

They were seen together at the safaricom event wearing matching Kitenge designer clothes.

When asked about their relationship, Cartoon said that they are just very close friends and cant disclose more of that information.