Brief Introduction to Chris Kaiga’s Bio.

Chris Kaiga is a Kenyan singer; songwriter and record producer who has managed to make a mark in the larger East African scene.

He has managed to attract cult-like following fans to follow his musical style due to his unique and creative approach.

The distinct creative approach that Chris Kaiga has for visuals; which are more conceptual, the blend of sheng and uptown rhymes, make his musical flow unique.

This makes him unbeatable since it is a little hard for his rivals to beat him at his style which is very hard to replicate.

Chris Kaiga has made hits like ‘Zimenice’, ‘Niko On’, ‘Bundaz’, ‘Chain Chain’, just to mention a few which made him a household name all over East Africa.

For him, all the success that he has achieved didn’t happen overnight as it may seem to be. Chris Kaiga has been in the game for over 10 years just honing his craft and studying the larger music industry.

Chris Kaiga Real Name, Background and Early Life.

Growing up spending most of his life in langata a.k.a L.A, Christopher Kahiga a.k.a Chris Kaiga is actually the product of his environment. The cultural influence of this side of the city is what defines his way of expression and lifestyle.

The style and the language in his lyrics is mostly as a result of the urban culture of Nairobi.

He grew up learning about music and had an ambition of becoming a music producer.

Chris Kaiga Journey into Music.

Chris Kaiga recorded his first song in 2011 but did not release it. It was not yet ready for public or mass consumption. The recorded song was just for him to hear himself on a music beat to understand his sound and voice.

In 2012 he released a mixtape before joining a musical group called Usual Suspekts.  The group released a hit song called ‘Pombe Bhangi’ which was a straight banger that was played in all entertainment joints all over Kenya.

In 2014 Chris Kaiga left the group and went ahead to do his own thing. He mostly did freelancing in the music industry since he had his own studio called Up N Up Creatives. He later joined another group called Kwenye Hii Masaa in 2016.

The group was made up of him, Nelly The Goon, Stevie Don Dada and Rojay. They spent most of their time in the studio recording music before going their separate ways in 2017.

Nelly went ahead and joined the Gengetone sound while Chris Kaiga split off with Debe as the rest of the group went ahead and did their thing.

Along the journey of his growth in the Kenyan music scene, Chris Kaiga has managed to build up his team that has laid a gradual foundation for him.

His team is composed of close friends he met in high school, university and others through the various creative spaces in the entertainment industry.

The team is made up of a video director, a producer, a publicist. Plus he has his own recording studio, which makes his workflow less stressful and more of a blessing.

The team definitely makes his whole music career more of a profession. He no longer sits around the studio and recording music that never come to see the light of the day like before.

For now, the success of his career makes other people’s careers a reality.

In a way, Chris Kaiga has a responsibility to take care of his team like they take care of him.

Its more of a symbiotic relationship, which is pretty much awesome.

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Chris Kaiga and Debe Sound.

Debe is Chris Kaiga’s personal producer who is also the founder of the unique sound ‘Debe’, that makes up the whole style/genre of his music.

The two have been buddies for long mainly due to the commonality of interests and their passion for music.

Their first hit song, ‘zimenice’ was purely an effort of the two. The idea about the song was birthed in 2017 but since they are more of the perfectionists, the song came out more than two years later.

Since the song was a straight hit, then you realize that it was worth the wait.

Chris Kaiga and Debe have done other projects that have topped the playlists and have grown to be the street anthems and will definitely be straight up classics.

He has collaborated with other artists in the industry doing Gengetone, Hiphop , Shrap and many other genres.

Some of his biggest music collaborations were with Nyashinski’s ‘Hapo Tu’ and Kahush’s ‘Mastingo’.

Chris Kaiga’s other collaborations were with Barak Jacuzzzi, Ochungulo family and many more artists.

Chris Kaiga Networth.

After calling out Safaricom, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa, for copyright infringement, accusing them of running a campaign dubbed ‘sms ziende Chain Chain’, Chris Kaiga landed an endorsement deal a year later with the said company.

Now it is known that the company has a reputation for supporting hard working entertainers in Kenya. Chris Kaiga was lucky or we can say his time had come for him to get paid too.

Safaricom is known to pay not less than seven figures for such endorsements and it could be more depending on the negotiating ability of the artist or the influencer.

With the endorsement deals and the royalties from his music, Chris Kaiga’s networth is estimated to be over eight figures and his bank account will definitely keep on growing.

Chris Kaiga Songs.

It is of no doubt that Chris Kaiga has managed to figure out what makes most Kenyans dance all day and night.

The long list of hits that come from his creative mind are has a unique sound that he calls it Debe. Its basically a music genre that he came up with it with his personal producer.

The sound is a blend of sheng and uptown beats with conceptual videos.

His music definitely has numbers whether on YouTube or on other music streaming platforms. Chris Kaiga is able to attract over 30, 000 monthly listens on Spotify alone which is definitely not a free music streaming platform.

His fans are always on the lookout for what is new from him.

Check out and listen to some of Chris Kaiga’s hit songs here. Below are the highlights of the songs that will definitely bless your playlist.


Chain Chain

Niko On


I want


Kwa Ceiling