Growing up in the education oriented family; Crazy Kenar is a talented comedy actor who is also on top of his class performance as a university student.

He started out as a regular viner doing funny clips for a hobby which later turned out to be very much profitable career to pursue.

Tales of the Crazy Kennnar is a sketch comedy style where Crazy Kennar and his team do both scripted and improv comedic videos for online audience.

This style of comedy has a massive market in Kenya where big corporates invest their money on talent coming from this genre of comedy.

Other sketch comics like Flaqo 411 and Cartoon Comedian are among the top earning personalities who have mastered this type of online entertainment.

Crazy Kennar is now a big brand which has attracted some of the premium endorsement deals from brands like DSTV Africa, Safaricom, Odi Bets, Moko Kenya and a partnership with Internet Pixels who help them out with content production.

There is also some other brands which offer sponsorships for their videos on YouTube from time to time including influencer deals on social media.

The self-proclaimed ‘Content Cartel’ has been named the comedian influencer of the year and Go Beyond influencer of the year by Africa Digital Leadership.

Crazy Kennar’s comedy is very authentic to the Kenyan audience that they could easily relate thus giving him a lot of attention and massive following online.

Here is the story about the life of Crazy Kennar before fame and his journey to financial success at a very young age.

Biography and the Comedic Journey of Crazy Kennar.

Crazy Kennar Real Name, Age and Education Background.

Kennedy Odhiambo popularly known as Crazy Kennar is the third born in a family of four boys with both parents alive and living in Lakisama.

He was born in the year 1998 making him one of the youngest and successful internet personalities.

Crazy Kennnar’s two older brothers are university graduates where one of them is a doctor and the other is his personal manager and also the brand manager of Tales of the Crazy Kennar content company. The other younger brother is still in high school.

Coming from a family of strict parents, Crazy Kennar has always been on top of his studies in school while still trying to hone his craft as an actor on the side.

He started school at Plains View Academy in Ruiru for his kindergarten up to class 4 doing early primary education. He later shifted to Baba Dogo Sacred Hearts where he completed K.C.P.E examination.

Crazy Kennar did well is his national exam that he was among the students who joined Ringa Boys High School in Oyugis. This is where he discovered his love for entertainment and acting on stage and screen acting.

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After completing high school, he scored good grades that would later lead him to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) in Juja.

While still a student in campus, Crazy Kennar has managed to develop his talent as a viner doing skits for his massive online audience while doubling as an entrepreneur in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Crazy Kennar Acting and Comedy Career.

While still a young boy attending Sacred Heart Academy in Baba Dogo Nairobi, Crazy Kennar was introduced to the entertainment scene.

He first started out as a music student with his older brother doing choral verses with the school’s music groups.

Drama came later when he was in class 7 almost completing school. He joined the school’s drama club where he was in tune with his passion for stage acting doing plays and narratives.

The drama club participated in different types of festivals around Nairobi city.

Crazy Kennar managed to win an award as the best narrative performer in the whole of Nairobi region giving him a green light to take his talent seriously in the near future.

In high school he was among the founders of the drama club that represented their school in the regional and national competitions.

Their drama teacher instilled a lot of confidence in him as a creative artist giving him all the responsibilities of writing and directing stage plays in school.

He did all these with his close friend Stano who is now his business partner and co-founder of the content company, Tales of Crazy Kennar.

This is when Crazy Kennar the character was developed and nurtured slowly to be who he should be later in life.

Most of the narratives that he performed on stage were never written down but he could narrate them off-head without exceeding the seven minute time limit.

Crazy Kennar realized that he was going to be a creative artist in future and that is why he took every challenge seriously while still a high school student.

Tales of Crazy Kennar YouTube Show.

Upon joining campus as an Actuarial Science student, Crazy Kennar didn’t feel good that he wasn’t doing anything pertaining acting or stage performance.

There was no drama club, theatre or any acting classes at JKUAT University so he had to think outside the box this time round.

He was used to performing in front of real audience but this time he had to record his skits and post it on the internet for the online audience.

It was a challenge but he had to do what he had to do to launch his career while still a student in campus.

Together with his long term friend Stano, they started shooting videos in their very limited bedsitter apartment.

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When their brand started growing, Crazy Kennar and Stano started to employ other actors and actresses to fill in the roles that help move the story forward.

Crazy Kennar had to do this thing professionally and ensure quality video production, editing and great story telling.

All these aspects led the whole crew into the next level as content creators. They won awards and got recognized by audiences outside of Kenya.

Tales of Crazy Kennar Members and Their Roles.

All members of the group are still students pursuing different undergraduate degrees in different universities around Nairobi.

The following are the members of the Tales of Crazy Kennar.

Crazy Kennar.

He is the lead actor and executive director of the whole crew. He is in charge of the welfare of all the members including the creative direction of the whole team.

Crazy Kennar carries the title of the crew because he is the center of the stories or the tales being played out with different characters around him.

He is a degree student at JKUAT studying Actuarial Science.

Stanley Omondi.

He is the manager and cinematographer who is in charge of the look and feel of the videos.

He directs how the actors move around in the video shooting process to help tell the story and reflect the whole brand as tales of Crazy Kennar.

Stano is basically the camera guy who is also present in the production and editing room.

He is a degree student at JKUAT studying Analytical Chemistry.

Cynthia Wanjiru a.k.a Shi.

 She is the actress and the frequent performer in the Tales of Crazy Kennar videos.

She portrays the character of the ‘Kienyeji Girl’ or traditional or clueless girl in different videos around Crazy Kennar.

Shi is a degree student at JKUAT studying Aquaculture and Marine Science.

Bushra Sakshi.

She is the frequent actress in the Tales of crazy Kennar.

She is in charge of research and analysis of content online to determine how the audience engages with their videos online.

Bushra is a degree student at Moi University Nairobi Campus studying Financial Economics.

Yvone Khisa.

She is the actress and writer of the videos under Tales of Crazy Kennar.

Yvone was Crazy Kennar’s primary school classmate where they all learned together about drama and acting.

She is a degree student at Kenyatta University studying Bachelor of Arts, French.

Useful Idioty a.k.a Stephen Otieno.

He is the funny actor in the Tales of Crazy Kennar videos portraying the silly characters doing facials and situational comedy that really resonate with audience.

He joined the crew in 2018 when Crazy Kennar discovered his videos online and the talent he had as a viner.

His role in the crew is a graphic designer for posters and supporting actor.

Useful Idioty is a degree student at JKUAT studying Public Health.

The whole crew of the Tales of Crazy Kennar is talented and hardworking, creating over fifteen videos per day.

Everybody plays their role in the crew both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Crazy Kennar Girlfriend.

Around mid 2021, Crazy Kennar and Cartoon Comedian were rumored to be dating after they took a photo together wearing matching Kitenge at Safaricom Baze.

Crazy Kennar later dismissed the claims and was forced to reveal his girlfriend to the public.

Natalie Asewe is the lucky girl who has been in a relationship with Crazy Kennar for over a decade, she is his high school sweatheart.

Natalie is a stylist and make-up artist who is behind the shine of Crazy Kennar during the event appearances.

She runs her own clothing business called Asewe Vogue which deals with clothes for both men and women.

She is also the manager at Instant Delicacies, a restaurant owned by Crazy Kennar in Juja Square.

Natalie Asewe is degree holder in Financial Analysis from the African International University.

Crazy Kennar YouTube Salary, Cars and Net Worth.

Crazy Kennar prides himself in his hard work and dedication to what he does to make Kenyans laugh online.

His YouTube channel has massive audience who are always subscribed to what comes out next from him.

Apart from having a successful brand online, he has long term huge financial deals with big brands like DSTV Africa who are here to invest in his dreams.

With a salary ranging from Ksh 400,000 to 600,000 per month from YouTube, Crazy Kennar has backup finances from endorsement deals and sponsorships.

He drives a Toyota Prado TX which he acquired in early 2022.

Crazy Kennar is a successful content creator who doubles as an entrepreneur has an approximate net worth of over 450,000 dollars as of 2022.