Diana Daisy also known as Gau is a Kenyan standup Comedian doubling as an actress doing content for the internet audience.

She is definitely one of the top content creators to have come out during the onset of Covid-19 pandemic through comedy skits and parodies.

Cartoon Comedian and other bigger personalities have recognized her talent and played a role is pushing her career forward through features and collaborations.

Before the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Diana Daisy had an opportunity to audition and perform live at the Churchill Show in Utawala.

Her road to success has not been easy especially after quitting her Ksh 10,000 monthly salary job as a cashier at Tusky’s Supermarket.

Diana Daisy has been putting in extreme hard work into developing her craft as a talented comedian while making sure that her younger brother’s tuition fees are paid.

It hard to juggle the two but she has to do what she has to do to survive with her little brother as orphans who refused to beg for handouts.

She has worked with big names in entertainment industry like Mamito, Aunty Jamima, Naomi Kuria, Jasper Murume and many more.

Here is the story and biography of Diana Daisy a.k.a Gau;

Diana Daisy Gau Biography.

Growing up as orphans, Diana Daisy and her brother have always been living a life of struggle after struggle trying to survive and find a way out of extreme financial and emotional stress.

Her story can be a bit emotional to other people but for her it has been her life and she has seen it all.

Diana Daisy Background, Age, Parents and Real Name.

Coming from a family of two siblings, Gau is the first born child to her mother and she has one sibling brother called Eric Mwangi.

Diana Muthoni Maina popularly known as Diana Daisy a.k.a Gau was born in the year 1997 when her mother was still a teenager in Mwea Kerinyaga County.

She acquired her last name from her uncle who is the guardian that took over after she was orphaned at the age of four.

Diana’s mother died while she was still young with the only recollections of her mom being the last moments of her life. 

Diana was present when her mother asked for the last meal while requesting her uncle and grandmother to take care of her kids since they were still very young.

After taking the meal her mother went to sleep and never woke up again, she died of Tuberculosis (TB).

At that time their dad had separated with her mother so they were not a complete family from the beginning.

A few years later is when Diana discovered that her dad had also died through a series of misunderstandings that could not be accounted for.

From the year 2004 her grandmother, uncle and aunts have been the ones who took care of them even though they didn’t really get the motherly love they needed.

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A few years later, Diana’s grandma died when she was still a teenager and this was the most heartbreaking moment for her since she gave them the attention that was close to what a mother would give to a young kid.

She sank into depression for a while because she couldn’t stop worrying about how they will survive since no one else would even think of buying her clothes or anything for Christmas.

Diana’s biggest worry was he little brother who still needed someone to take care of him because their relatives were pretty harsh to them.

Diana Daisy Education Background.

When her mother was still alive, Diana Daisy went to Kanjuu Primary school near Kirinyaga town, which was close to her grandma’s home.

 When her grandmother died, she had to start moving from one school to another since the aunts and uncles were now the ones taking care of her.

Gashadha primary school still in Kirinyaga was the next school she joined before doing her national K.C.P.E examination.

She later moved to Nairobi for high school education while being hosted by her aunties and uncles.

For higher education, Diana Daisy went to Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) where she pursued a diploma in Business Procurement.

She later joined Moi University for a while before deferring her studies due to insufficient finances to cater for tuition.

Diana Daisy Brother.

Eric Mwangi Maina is the brother and only sibling Diana has. They both have gone through the rough reality of life after losing their parents and grandmother.

He spent most of his childhood at the orphanage while Diana was moving from one relative to the other just trying to get a helping hand.

It reached a point when Eric was fed up with life at the orphanage because the officials over there don’t really show that much love to those orphans.

For him it was a little better because he had an option of visiting his sister and relatives unlike other orphans who were born in the streets with no one else to call a blood cousin.

One day he borrowed a bicycle and cycled from Kirinyaga to Nairobi looking for his sister Diana Daisy when she was still in college.

After staying with her for a while, he moved back to the orphanage but again he had to move two classes back from class 8 to class 6 to give Diana some time to finish college, get a job and try to pay his high school fees.

The two have been close together and they console each other through and through.

Diana is now like his guardian paying for high school tuition fees and everything he needs including attending all the parental meetings at school.

Diana Daisy Comedy Career.

After her contract with Tusky’s supermarket came to an end in 2019, Diana had two options to choose as career choices which were all going to be rough regardless.

She got a call from her former boss to go back and renew the contract to continue her job as a cashier.

At the time, she was supposed to be paying school fees for her brother who was starting high school, so it was a very tough spot she was in.

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Eventually, she chose to go the direction of comedy. Her first stop was the Churchill Show auditions at carnivore.

Diana Daisy’s Churchill Show.

While at Tusky’s Ruai as a cashier, Diana Daisy and her friend bought a ticket to Churchill Show live recording in Utawala.

This is when she felt like she can do comedy professionally on stage because after experiencing the live standup comedy performance by different comedians on the show, something clicked in her creativity.

After the show, she met up with the prankstar comedian Nicki Big Fish who advised her to start trying out comedy by going for auditions every week at Canivore.

She took his advice and started auditioning later around December 2019.

It was rough and brutal at the beginning because she met up with the legendary gate keeper Victor Ber who is the one giving out the green light for stage performance.

Though she was told she wasn’t good enough, Diana came back again and again for like four months consecutively, trying something new every week.

Here is where she met up with Cartoon Comedian who at the time was also hustling for an opportunity to go up on stage.

The two later linked up and started doing clips and skits online which popularized their names as ‘Gau’ and ‘Turu’.

While still doing comedy skits online, they also kept on trying to audition at Churchill Show and few weeks later, Diana got a chance to go on stage.

The fact that she started building her brand online is what boosted her chances of being among the top underground comedians to be considered for stage time.

After her first show on stage was successful it was about time for her to shine but the pandemic set foot in Kenya leading to the cancelation of all the events.

Capitalizing on the high demand for entertainment content online during the lockdown, Diana fell back to producing comedy clips that did well for her brand.

She has been pushing her talent through hard work while building connections in the Kenyan entertainment scene and her numbers keep on increasing.

Different brands have come out to sponsor her video clips while others hire her as an influencer online.