Contrary to popular belief, the journey towards getting a big butt starts in the kitchen.

Incorporating regular exercise with a diet full of glute (butt muscles)-growing foods is potentially one of the most effective strategies you can use to ensure pleasant results.

There are certain foods that will definitely increase the muscle growth, strength and recovery to achieve your dreams.

If you are looking to have a big booty, a few modifications can be made concerning your diet.The diet you chose should mainly focus on growing your glutes which refers to the muscles that make up your buttocks.

Dietary proteins are the main nutrients that are essential for building and maintaining muscle mass mostly after exercise. Carbs, healthy fats and antioxidants can also help promote the growth of muscles.

A regular workout paired with these nutritious foods can greatly help amplify your results to get a seriously cute big booty.

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 Here are the 10 foods that will increase the size of your Butt.

  1. Eggs.

Eggs supply a descent amount of protein to your diet as well as energy from the vitamin B component. The amino acids in eggs help in stimulating muscle synthesis and reduce protein breakdown of the muscles. This may be of great benefit in enhancing your butt size.

  • Legumes.

Refers to the family of plants such as; beans, peas, lentils and peanuts. They have a high content of proteins which help in boosting the growth of your glutes and maximization of muscle synthesis.

Legumes also contribute the micronutrient, magnesium, which is involved in muscle contraction and energy production

  • Brown rice.

This is mainly involved in the provision of the perfect balance of carbs and proteins.

Protein powder made from brown rice acts as a source of extra protein boost for those who need plenty of proteins.

Brown rice has a high level of concentration of branched chain amino acids which are always broken down directly into the muscles to provide a quick source of energy.

This amino acid can also help to reduce soreness and fatigue, accelerate the synthesis of muscle protein and are involved in curtailing muscle loss to help in ballooning your butt.

  • Avocados.

This fruit is often full of flavor with a dense supply of healthy fats, fiber and proteins. It is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium.

Potassium is an important nutrient in growth and contraction of muscles.

The antioxidants contained in the avocado fruit help reduce exercise induced muscle damage, inflammation and soreness to speed up the time of recovery.

  • Milk.

Milk is often the best got-to snack after hitting the gym. It contains slow and fast digesting proteins that supply the body muscles with a continuous supply of amino acids after the workout. It can also help to enhance fat loss.

Consumption of milk after a workout helps in boosting the efficiency of your body in using amino acids which supports protein synthesis. This process is crucial in enhancing the growth of your booty.

  • Nut butter.

All classes of nut butters, like almond, cashew and peanut butter contain plenty doses of healthy fats and essential nutrients.

Studies suggest that adding nuts to your diet could help promote muscle building.

  • Chicken breast.

Apart from it being rich in B vitamins, chicken breasts are loaded with high quality proteins. Incorporating enough of these vitamins in your diet can greatly help in promoting production to help boost your workouts.

  • Yogurts.

This could probably be your nutritional powerhouse contributing a good amount of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

Just like any other dairy products, yogurt provides both slow and fast digesting protein with enhances muscle growth and enlarge your glutes

In conclusion, it is important to understand the diet aspect of body building and enlargement.

Anybody can develop buttocks naturally and build a new attractive body shape which has no side effects later in life.

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As much as these foods are vital for the whole process, they don’t do that much on their own. Instead it should be combined with regular training to boost muscle building and maximize results.