How to Naturally Improve your Waist-To-Hip Ratio.

Are you a naturally skinny girl with narrower hips and wondering if it is even possible to broaden or get wider hip?

You might even be wondering what the heck is waist-to-hip ratio? What could be the most attractive ratio? Can I improve my ratio naturally?

As much as you have been asking yourself these questions, I have been asked too. So in this article I will be talking about:

  • Why and how so many women want to have wide hips and small waists.
  • What can be changed and what is basically genetics and cant be changed.
  • Some action steps you can quickly take starting today to add some inches to you hip measurement to immediately start increasing your waist-to-hip ratio.

So, Wider and Bigger Hips Compared to What?

So guys lets try to get in the same page here, when I say wider hips, I are not talking about how your wide hips are in the objective measurement. And I am not trying to compare how wide or big your hips are with other women.

Most of the time, when people talk about wide hips, they are usually referring to having wide hips compared to the waist.

Now by this standard, women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 definitely have wide hips.

To arrive at this answer, start by measuring the circumference of your hip at its widest point, then your waist circumference at the narrowest point.

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Then go ahead and divide your waist circumference by your hip circumference, this will give you your waist-to-hip ratio.

A quick example:

If a woman has a waist with 28-inch waist and 34-inch hips, then her waist-to-hip ratio is arrived at by dividing her waist measurement by hip measurement (28/34) to get a ratio of 0.823.

This is a healthy rage but it won’t show her as having wide hips but she can go ahead and further improve appearance by building up wider hips, losing some fat around her waist or do both at the same time.


Why Women Want Wider Hips.

Most women do exercise or hit the gym looking to basically develop bigger hips. They do it so much that they are constantly fighting the big question of how to get wider hips.

Building wider hips has been listed as the main goal that women joining the fitness industry want to attain. The big question will always remain to be asked; why do women want big hips?

Some might say it’s the continuous change in cultural preference on body-shape. It has been said that culture can always shift body-shape preferences from time to time.

All this means that with our current culture of most people being overweight, we tend to prefer those with less wide hips because they are predominant and looks normal.

So when people desire wide hips, its just a biological thing but culture often tends to raise the bar for whatever reason.

Having small waist with bigger hips is often a great sign of health. This is similar to the way men are perceived, the more muscular a man is, the more he is considered to be healthy.

Therefore, the better the waist-to-hip ratio, the healthier the person looks. This is to give you an instinctive desire of developing a better ratio to improve your level of attraction or be healthier or for both.


Why Wide Hips and Lean Waist is an Indication of Good Health.

The best way to know if a woman spends her day sitting or exercising is by just checking the approximate waist-to-hip ratio, it signals how much muscle she has. This often signals her genetics, fertility and youthfulness.

The older the woman gets, the more they become physically active thus reducing the muscles level in their hips as the waistline expands. This is preventable by the way.

Research shows that ratio above 1.0 can clearly indicate a woman’s cardiovascular health. They can be at risk of getting certain cancers or they have diabetes.

This is why most people find small waists and big hips in women quite desirable whether in themselves or others.

Athleticism, youthfulness and health in women are what naturally draw people to desire them. People are instinctively attracted to these qualities emphasizing that you are healthier, the sexier you look.

This shows that men often find women having the healthiest ratio to be sexy, so building a healthier ratio also builds a sexier ratio and the vice varsa is also true.

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How Some Women Try to Cheat The System.

Having small waist alongside wider hips is the most desirable thing in women since it is a sign of good health. Some might try to cheat the system by getting some butt implants. Others use lots of filters or edit their photos before posting on social media.

You don’t need to do all this because if you still do it, something will look off by just trying to fix the surface instead of going deeper and rectify it in a more natural way.

If something looks like its natural but its still likes it isn’t, then we get a strange feeling towards it.

Just like there is a difference between someone who is underweight and the one who is lean but athletic. The best way to improve our physical appearance is by from inside out.

This can be done by focusing on eating good muscle-building diet, becoming fitter, improving our lifestyles, becoming stronger and to improve our sleep habits.

Here is what you Can’t Change: The Bone Structure of Your Hips.

If your hips are naturally smaller you can build extra muscles around it to get some curvier proportions.

Building wider hips for skinny women or the ones with naturally thinner hips is going to be a little bit harder but it will eventually come after some time of lifting weights.

Now I am sure by now you understand that your bone structure cant be changes because it is entirely determined by your genetics.

Hips grow up to the point they attain maturity and that is it, so the potential lies in your genetics.

On the other hand, your hips can adapt to the level of stress subjected to it. More studies show that predominantly active women develop a heart shaped hip structure but majority have rounded hip shape.

Some women are blessed with phenomenal genetics where they have broad hips and tiny waist. These types of women don’t need to build much muscle around their hips to boost their level of attractiveness.

The good thing is that every woman who wants a wider hip can always get one naturally by building muscles around their hips while maintaining a lean waist.

The best Workouts for building Bigger Hips.

Programs that focus mainly on muscle building and growth bring about the best overall muscle size development.

The more accurate the exercise, the more muscle development is enhanced. The design of the exercise should be specifically tailored for women. It should put more emphasis on your hips which is in all likelihood, the area that you look forward to develop.

The exercise should have higher rep ranges, shorter resting times, and more overall volume and rely on upper body strength.

Building strong and athletic hips will bring about the roundest, full and the most aesthetic butt. Strong hips are not only attractive, they are also versatile.

Squatting, deadlifting and doing some hip thrusts are the type of large range motion exercises that enhance optimal shape, size and roundness of your butt. For the hips, you might not need to do all that but it is best for the growth of your glutes and develops a versatile strength base.

In conclusion, getting wider hips and bigger but through exercises not only give you great results naturally; it also enhances your feminine shape. Therefore it is best to become shaped by your muscles and not bones.

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