The Office of DPP Haji announces next course of action after DJ Fatxo was cleared in Jeff Mwathi’s death probe

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) Noordin Haji has made a decision regarding the investigations into the death of Jeff Mwathi, a case in which Lawrence Njuguna, popularly known as DJ Fatxo, has been under probe.

The ODPP has ordered an inquest, signalling a new phase in the legal proceedings surrounding the unfortunate incident.

This comes as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations cleared DJ Fatxo of any involvement in Mwathi’s death.

DJ Fatxo’s legal team released a press statement today, shedding light on the recent developments, welcoming the DCI’s findings as well as the ODPP’s decision.

Kenyan entertainer DJ Fatxo

“We are happy to state that we now know that the Office of the Director Public Prosecutions has indeed applied themselves to the matter and have agreed with the findings and recommendations of the Directorate of criminal investigations to wit,it is clear that there is no single shred or iota of evidence to suggest any remote criminal culpability by our client or suspicion thereof.

“The ODPP has thus recommended that the matter pursues the route of an inquest. On our part, our client is happy that the truthful position he has always espoused and maintained with regard to his innocence has come out at last,” read a statement by DJ Fatxo’s lawyer Duncan Okatch.

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The lawyer said that DJ Fatxo has consistently cooperated with the authorities during the entire process.

His legal team expressed gratitude to the DCI and the ODPP for their findings, despite the unwarranted public and social media pressure that the probe generated.

Mugithi artist Dj Fatxo

With the inquest set to begin, DJ Fatxo is expected to resume his normal life and pursue his passion for music.

According to his lawyer, the musician hopes that his experience will serve as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of reserving judgment until all the facts are thoroughly examined.