The Ultimate Cause of Self-Sabotage in Gengetone.

Ego is the Enemy of Prosperity in Gengetone.

Have you ever heard a saying or is it supposed to be a memory verse that says “No weapon formed against me shall prosper?”

Am sure you have heard it said by someone somewhere or you have read it in one of the Holy Books or maybe you have never heard of it until now. Am not judging you by the way.

So we can look at that saying and understand it from different angles, either from the inside or the outside of it. What do I mean by that?

 Here is what am trying to say; the weapon we are metaphorically talking about is a threat or sabotage or anything that is meant to bring disaster unto you.

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The weapon formed by whoever intends to harm you e.g haters or ‘kamati ya roho chafu’, shall not succeed in harming you or getting the intended job done.

The weapon can either be formed by forces coming from outside of you or forces emanating from inside you. You can actually be the one causing the sabotage unto yourself. You are the weapon you formed against yourself.

The things that lead you to the land of success can be the ones that will drag you back to hell of brokenness and misery. Most of the time, these personalities we adopt once we attain whatever we want shall be the ones blocking our inner sanity from the bigger picture.

Such things as ego can make or break us. Don’t get me wrong on this, I know ego can also be the driver that helps us have confidence and believe in ourselves to the point that we feel like nothing can stand in our way to success.

There is good ego and bad ego. A good one makes us believe in whatever we want to accomplish but a bad one makes us develop some sense of pride, become a narcissist or have the intent to cause dysfunction unto other people for our own good.

‘Ego is the enemy”. You have to keep it under control. Whenever you recognize it taking you somewhere dangerous, make sure you address it immediately.

Hood Mentality in Gengetone.

Hood mentality on the other hand might very well be explained by the saying “You can take a person out of the streets but not the streets out of the person”.

Ghetto/Hood mentality refers to the way of life which is informed by scarcity mindset or a “win-lose” mentality often driven by fear and poverty.

It always becomes valueless to stay true to your roots and street lifestyle without adopting some entrepreneurial skills that can actually change your life for the better.

Living a life that is always about the streets, your essence of being will always be about lack. You will always continue to create poverty to keep up with the instilled mental image of poverty and therefore you get to live it again.

Basically at this point, what you want and what you believe contradict each other.

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The fear of failure and poverty is what makes you fall back to poverty again since that’s all you think about. Getting out of this situation needs a complete change of mind.

The change has to be extreme such that it affects your behavior and ultimately your life.

You don’t have to be right or perfect all the time. Being vulnerable and letting go of the need to control other people by trying to make them fear you doesn’t make you look bad or lose your cool.

Let go of the need to be the guy making it. Embrace the spirit of collaboration. Don’t let your ego sabotage the business deals you are about to get or lead to the breakup with your musical group members.

Hood mentality is what actually makes an artist or a group of artists engage in copyright infringement and copy someone else’s lyrics or persona. That is what is rampant now in gengetone with the likes of Mbogi Genje, mejja and ethic entertainment facing copyright infringement allegations.

You don’t have to grab everything including what belongs to someone else while leaving your dignity behind. It pays being trustworthy.

In conclusion, you have to understand that we have to shake our hood (and village) mentality if we want to change our reality.

Our mission has to be to incorporate the strategic as well as intentional ways to always keep our ego checked, end self-sabotage and stay true to ourselves.

Gengetone is a way of life. It is supposed to be a tool that transforms the streets and slums into places where people find inspiration to endure the challenges of life. It is a platform for us to express ourselves and share our culture and our ideas.

I understand that ego and street lifestyle was what made you survive that environment but right now you have outgrown that place. You are here now, rules have changed.

You have to adjust to this new way of life if you want more from life other than street drama. The rules of the street doesn’t serve you outside the streets, you need to adopt new values.

This is the next level we are talking about. This is what you have been praying for. Do not get in the way of yourself.

You have to be willing to change and evolve so that we don’t grow to be caricatures of ourselves.

Evolution is the key factor to transform our lives and change our environment and make sure there is a significant positive change in our finances and mental health as well.

Stay a student always, learn the rules of the game as you play it; that is the only way you can increase your chances of winning. Be willing to learn new information so that you increase the extent of your influence.

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