“I sold my phone to pay the bills before my friend took me in”, Maddox said.

Boondocks as a group was officially formed in the year 2015 with an intention of dominating the then young Gengetone Music genre.

The group has four members including their manager who came up with them from way back.

The members have equal roles when making a song; Exray comes up with a verse followed by Odi Wa Muranga doing the hook while Maddox also has his own verse coming last.

Their manager, Deetroy, takes care of the bookings plus all the business aspects of the group including the logistics and the well-being of the members.

The group recorded a lot of songs together while hustling to survive in Githurai 45, the roughest ghetto in Eastlands Nairobi.

Around 2018 is when they had their first successful hit song, ‘Peleka Na Rieng’ that was a breakthrough for them as Boondocks Gang in the Mainstream Media.

Later on the Boondocks Gang released amore songs and collaborations that topped the charts and streaming platforms in Kenya.

From that time till the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, they toured all over the country performing several hits that they made together.

Even though they could no longer book a gig during the pandemic, Boondocks as a group had made a lot of money from the previous stage performances plus the online streams and YouTube were still bringing in some royalties.

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They spent most of their money on new music and projects that were not giving back the returns since the whole world was on lockdown thus blocking their main source of income, Live performance.

This led them to doing solo projects that were funded individually since the money for Boondocks as a group was depleted even though they were under new management of Black Market Records (BMR).

So everybody did their thing since they were signed individually but not as a group.

Maddox as a member of the group also did his thing but didn’t open his own YouTube channel which left his brand lagging behind.

Little did he know that the group was slowly deteriorating and the bond was getting lost; Exray is successful on his own while Odi Wa Muranga is also working on his brand.

Upon Maddox realizing this he started feeling frustrated and betrayed leading him to being antisocial and stressed all the time.

“I have been put in a position not to express how I feel as a group member. They don’t see me as an equal that’s why they keep on criticizing me instead of helping me out”, Maddox said.S

He tried communicating with the other members and the management but he was told the group was not supposed to release any music anytime soon.

Maddox’s Fall-Out With Exray.

At the time, Maddox was already in financial struggles where he was now living with Exray and was not able to afford his own place.

He was already being sidelined and he was not getting booked for shows or any access to financial support.

As time went by, he started noticing some weird energy coming from Exrays girlfriend who was also living with them and he had to move out to give them space.

Maddox now moved in with his friend, Skidy Galing, who accepted to host him as he gets back to making music.

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He is the one who raised the issue at Nairobi Gossip Club saying that Maddox is depressed, has been left by his friends and can’t afford to support himself financially.

His friends became successful and forgot to support their day one.

He calls upon his fans to come through and contribute whatever they have because he cant even afford to pay the studio time let alone feed himself.

Maddox is simply asking for a second chance to do music without Boondocks Gang.