Starting out in the Kenyan entertainment scene as an R&B singer in a boy band, Flaqo Raz or Flaqo 411 has since shifted gears to internet comedy.

The comedy sketches he does depicting characters like Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Uncle Bakari, Akoth, and Otis are a true reflection of the regular Kenyan family setup.

Together with his crew members, who are his true day one friends from way back when they were a boy band in Kisumu City, they work on scripting and shooting the skits in his house.

Flaqo rose to fame in 2019 after doing a sketch video imitating Khaligraph Jones leading a prayer as a rapper on a hot beat in the studio.

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After getting like 10,000 followers on instagram and over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, he took it seriously as a motivation to do more comedy videos.

His style of comedy takes much time to just come up with a 3 minute video because he has to switch into different characters to get a full conversation and flow.

Flaqo has really grown and mastered his craft despite battling anxieties that comes with switching personalities in public, on set and still function as an introvert in private.

All these hustles has paid off well after gaining mass popularity during the lock down in 2020 because there was a rise in demand for online content and he was ready to deliver exactly that.

He has managed to write, direct and produce an online series called ‘Othentiks’ that tell stories about family and how he grew up in such a setting.

Flaqo has worked with different corporate brands in Kenya that have greatly invested in his talent and help him produce more quality content and spread his fan base.

Here is the story and the journey of Flaqo Raz a.k.a Flaqo 411 from Kisumu to making it in Nairobi.

The Biography of Flaqo Raz a.k.a Flaqo 411.

Having spent most of his life in Nyanza province from primary school to university, Flaqo has definitely mastered the art of sketch comedy which everyone all over Kenya and outside can relate effortlessly.

A sneak peek into his life and how he grew up will tell much about the inspiration behind his funny videos and sense of humor.

Flaqo Early life, Age, Real Name, Parents and Tribe.

Erustus Ayieko Otieno popularly known as Flaqo Raz or Flaqo 411 was born on the Christmas day at Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu.

He was born in 25th December 1996 which automatically gave him his childhood nickname, Emmanuel.

His mother is a water inspector and his dad is a retired engineer.

Flaqo is the first born child to his parents who lived in Nyalenda Ghetto in Kisumu City during his infant days with two other siblings before relocating to Molem, Nyamasaria.

This is where he started schooling at Pinokio Primary from Class one to three then he moved to Xaverian Primary School where he did his national K.C.P.E examination.

After scoring high grades, Flaqo qualified to join St Mary’s Boys High school in Yala. Here is when he started trying out his talent in music, drama and entertainment.

He later joined Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology to pursue a degree in Public Health.

Flaqo Raz Brother.

His younger brother Henry Newton is also a creative who works as the production team behind Flaqo’s videos.

Henry is also his social media manager who goes through all the matters pertaining the brand and appearance of Flaqo in the eyes of the public.

Flaqo Raz Music Career.

While in campus he tried to test his talent in music by performing on stage as an R&B artist but it would often not go as expected.

While in second year of campus, Flaqo hopped on stage and performed for a crowd of students who were looking forward to turn up and have some good time.

To his surprise, the crowd booed him violently throwing glass bottles on stage because they weren’t really interested in listening to R&B music at that time.

From that day, Flaqo decided to quit music and maybe focus on his education for the rest of his campus period.

His self-esteem was pretty much messed up from that day and he never performed music anywhere else again.

Flaqo Raz 411 Comedy Career.

After completing his degree course in 2018, Flaqo embarked on developing his talent as an R&B singer under a boy band.

Like any other graduate in Kenya, he was juggling between sending out job applications resumes and trying out if talent could bring a breakthrough.

Together with his boys they performed in different events around Nyanza often with little or no pay for their entertainment.

Around late 2019, Flaqo was fed up with the fact that their style of music wasn’t paying off well like they would like it to be.

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The band decided to take a break and build their brands individually so that in the future they could be in a position to command some attention in front of the crowd.

Flaqo being self-aware that he is multitalented, he started doing comedy skits depicting African moms and different Kenyan artists in the music industry.

Flaqo and Mama Otis Character.

His first trial of playing multiple characters on a short video skit was the ‘Mama Otis’ character which represents an African mom and ‘Otis’ which represents a regular African youth.

The interaction between these two characters shows how an African family is set up when the kids are more educated and exposed to more urban influence than their parents.

Conflict comes when these two worlds struggle to cope with one another thus making the whole interaction funny and entertaining.

Later Flaqo added more characters like Baba Otis, Akoth and Uncle Bakari who also have their hilarious personalities.

All these characters are what he started with but they were not getting the attention they needed even after requesting some big artists and influencers in Kenya to post his videos on their social media pages.

The only option was for him to start creating funny video clips imitating these artists if they could be having a conversation.

The one video of Khaligraph jones, Motif Di Don and Bahati was the one that went viral online and widened his fan base that brought in much attention to his other videos as Mama Otis.

The fact that he had already posted a lot of videos online and had much more in store plus the crew members from his former band ready to help him out in production is what made him more famous and efficient at the same time.

Flaqo was releasing massive content while still maintaining quality of the videos and scripting.

Flaqo Raz , Othentiks, YouTube Channel and Salary.

Flaqo has been experiencing massive growth online through the consistency he has on creating content.

His YouTube channel, Flaqo Raz, has grown in terms of subscribers and views, which will definitely boost his overall earnings.

Though he has been experiencing a lot of setbacks with copyright issues on his content whenever he tries to make money off of them, Flaqo is still learning as he grows.

All this saga was caused by some other impersonators took his instagram videos and posted them on YouTube thus denying him the right to monetize them anymore.

Othentiks is an online series about family dynamics in the Mama Otis’ household which is a true reflection of a regular Kenyan or any African family set up.

This series really brought out the creativity genius in Flaqo through writing and performance while still overseeing everything behind the scenes.

It came out on YouTube and Flaqo has managed to collaborate with other content creators who made it successful.

Though the production process of the series almost sank him into depression for a whole year, he managed to get help from other artists like Bien of the Sauti Sol.

His channel is now bringing in a monthly salary of approximately 1000 to 3000 dollars depending on the level of audience’s engagement with the content.

Flaqo Raz Girlfriend.

Flaqo has had his fair share of heartbreaks and getting dumped when he was still an upcoming artist in campus.

He definitely has learned a very valuable lesson that young ladies don’t like the idea of hanging around broke young men.

So Flaqo later got famous and made a lot of money then he got himself a new girlfriend who matched his financial status.

He is rumored to be dating the rapper Noti Flow.

Flaqo Cars, House and Net Worth.

In mid-2021 Flaqo bought a blue Volkswagen convertible car and acquired a house in Nairobi which has a production studio.

During the onset of his online fame, Flaqo revealed that he made over Ksh 20 million a year as an influencer attaching his name to different brands.

He has worked with different corporate companies including Naivas, Samsung, Yola, Airtel and many more.

His big following on YouTube is also giving him a significant stream of income fron views and video sponsorships.

Flaqo has an estimated net worth of over 300,000 dollars as of 2022.