Being the only child in her family, GK Nyambura has grown to fall in love with art and entertainment through content creation.

She has managed to withstand the pressure that comes from both her parents to follow the basic career structure despite her desire to pursue acting and Music.

She has auditioned for different TV shows and looks forward to doing screen acting and stage acting while still venturing into music.

GK Nyambura is definitely one of the most hardworking YouTubers though she has to still focus on her law degree and all other assignments that comes with being an aspiring lawyer.

Being the only child in the family, it can be difficult to navigate the challenges of discovering what to do with your life without someone checking on you who is not your parent.

For her, she believes in trying everything she feels like she can do even when it comes to choosing the type of undergraduate degree to pursue.

Her dating life has been going through ups, downs and rough roads full of drama all over the social media.

This comes with how she is very soft spoken and accommodative, which is likely as a result of being born as an only child.

GK believes in women shooting their shot whenever they meet a good looking guy so she never hesitates to share how she feels in the presence of a hot guy of whatever the age.

Here are some of the facts and opinions about GK Nyambura according to the public domain.

GK Nyambura Quick Bio Facts.

  • She has a podcast called the Bored Cast which she is the solo host streaming on
  • The content of her podcast is the unfiltered documentation of life experiences in her 20s.
  • GK is an alumni of Alliance Girls High School.
  • Her family is from Nyeri county in Central Kenya.
  • She was born in the year 2000.
  • She studied music in high school and was among the students that rewrote the form 4 anthem.
  • Being an amazing singer she released an EP Album in 2021.
  • Her ex-boyfriend Omoke, a videographer, cheated on her before she started dating Ron Kariuki, an upcoming actor.
  • She once confronted her ex-boyfriend on cheating allegations at 3.00 a.m at his doorstep, so she is not afraid to cause drama.
  • She doesn’t know how to cook because she was never taught how to do so in school.
  • She tried to shoot her shot in person and later the guy neither picked the calls nor call her back.
  • She studied her law degree as a night class student at University of Nairobi Parklands Campus.
  • Her initial dream career was fashion and design but her parents killed it immediately.
  • GK’s real name is Gladys Kabira Nyambura.
  • She taught herself how to play a Violin, Piano and the guitar and was in the school orchestra.
  • She started out as a business student (Bachelor of Commerce) at Strathmore University which led her into depression due to overwhelming assignments and loneliness.
  • She dropped out of Strathmore and started law school taking three semesters a year to finish within three years.
  • On a good day, GK Nyambura is an aspiring actress, podcaster YouTuber and a social media influencer.
  • Her podcast is shot using a phone camera and it is quite professional and intimate with her audience.
  • GK Nyambura YouTube channel has over 37,000 subscribers and atleast 20,000 views per month.

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GK Nyambura Instagram Contacts.

GK Nyambura is a multitalented young influencer who has the whole world in front of her.

She is self-driven and a go getter who keeps on doing what she thinks she can do regardless of the busy schedule that she has.

Though she keeps on switching boyfriends and hitting on other dudes, she still believes in being confident as a woman and going after what she wants.

The way she handles troll on social media is pretty much amazing, she doesn’t really give any f***Ks as long as she is expressing how she feels.