Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini launches her podcast on YouTube titled, Venting.
According to TshishaLIVE, the traditional healer who recently had a fight with Gogo Maweni has long desired to start a podcast.
“I’ve always wanted to do a podcast especially when I saw the differences that we have when it comes to spirituality and the way we speak about it on social media. We argue, instead of understanding each other,” she said.’
She launched the podcast on Monday and it’s garnered 32 000 views in 18 hours, which excites her.
“I’m very much happy that I’ve gained so many views with just one episode and they are increasing, I feel like people have been waiting and I’m willing to submit. People must not expect a closed off Gogo Skhotheni as I will be touching on other topics.”
Skhotheni says the show isn’t for bashing people.
“The venting podcast is where we vent our differences as people based on our belief. The show is not about bashing people.”


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