President of Bunge La Mwananchi Calvince Okoth ‘Gaucho’ has disclosed how meeting Rosemary Odinga saved his life!

Calvince Okoth, widely known as Gaucho and the President of Bunge la Mwananchi, has transitioned from a great footballer to the President of Bunge La Mwananchi.

Born in 1987 in Rongo Kamagambo, Migori County, Gaucho’s life story is one of triumph over adversity and a testament to his unwavering dedication to the political cause.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Gaucho opened up about his humble beginnings, his journey to becoming Raila Odinga’s ardent supporter, and the challenges he overcame along the way.

ODM’s Bunge la Mwananchi President Calvince Okoth ‘Gaucho’

From Nairobi’s streets to stability

Gaucho’s early years in Nairobi were marked by struggle and uncertainty. Arriving in the city with no connections, he was willing to do anything to survive, even considering life as a street boy.

However, a stroke of luck came his way when a relative extended a helping hand, providing him with a place to stay.

In 2003, Gaucho secured a job in construction (mjengo) and later became a maandazi supplier, earning a modest income of 35 Kenyan shillings per day.

Football as a catalyst for change

Driven by his passion for football, Gaucho joined a team in Korogocho, where he showcased his talent and found a sense of purpose.

ODM’s Bunge la Mwananchi President Calvince Okoth ‘Gaucho’

His dedication and skills on the field helped him elevate his life and gain recognition within the community. It was during this time that Gaucho first ventured into the world of politics.

Political ambitions

Gaucho’s entry into politics can be traced back to 2009 when he established a connection with Ndolo Nashebesh.

Singing songs of praise to Ndolo during football matches, Gaucho realized his ability to mobilize and inspire others.

ODM’s Bunge la Mwananchi President Calvince Okoth ‘Gaucho’

This realization prompted him to run for the position of ODM youth leader in 2013, 2017, and 2022, although he faced defeat on each occasion.

A meeting with Raila Odinga

Fate intervened when Rosemary Odinga, Raila Odinga’s daughter, recognized Gaucho’s efforts and facilitated a meeting between him and her father.

This encounter proved to be a significant turning point in Gaucho’s political journey, as it provided him with a platform to further contribute to the causes he believed in.

Confessions of a troubled past

During the interview, Gaucho courageously admitted to engaging in robbery at one point in his life. Surrounded by friends involved in criminal activities, he succumbed to the pressures of his environment.

ODM’s Bunge la Mwananchi President Calvince Okoth ‘Gaucho’

Although he hesitated to use a gun, he resorted to theft as a means of survival.

Gaucho’s candid confession fuels his determination to advocate for increased support and opportunities for the youth, emphasizing that their actions often stem from desperation rather than choice.