Why does Kenyan Politicians Target the Youth?

Did you know that youth make up over 75% of the Kenyan population? Did you know that the biggest percentage of unemployed persons in Kenya is the youth? Did you also know that there is often little to no policies crafted specifically for the youth?

Did you know that we are majority voters that can change the face of leadership in just one election season?

So basically, every politician wants to come up with the best dream possible and sell it to please the emotions of the youth. They know it very well that youth not only carry the majority vote but also can easily be swayed to give it up for petty cash rewards.

Well now you know, don’t say nobody told you when I say I told you so. 

So next time these people in positions of power, who can actually help us out, come knocking at your door to buy your vote or rent your brain again, please take your time before you give a final answer.

Nobody is going to be held at gun point to give up their votes. Seriously there is no goon with a gun ready to blow your brains out in that voting booth.

Every vote has a potential to make a difference. That is why I kindly request you to actually use that brain of yours to make good decisions for the future of your kids.

Why most Youth are Vulnerable to Political Manipulations.

Lets dive deep a little bit into this course that is terrorizing the dignity of Kenyan Youth.

If you analyze the rumor and facts about these people in power, there is no much difference. Whatever the allegations and accusations that you have heard them do or say, most of the time, those things are true.

I understand that our brains have been contaminated with alcohol, unlimited sex and a constant supply of weed, but I know you have felt the pain of having no money to buy yourself those things.

These politicians know that you are addicted to, that is why they treat you like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Yeah your brain is being abused in real time because these politicians know that you can easily be blinded by the illusions you have about them.

You cant even afford to have a good time these days. The economy is in the toilet right now. Everything you touch in business turns to shit immediately because the government is trying to take more than it gives.

There is nothing out here that can help us out. I know right now you can barely survive but guess what, the person trying to buy you to do their dirty work is loaded with cash which will feed over three generations of his own. What about you? Will that little money pay your bill next month? Will it create opportunities for you not even to mention your kids in future?

What new information are these people coming to tell you that you already don’t know? Am sure you know that they have lots and lots of cases still pending in court on matters corruption and looting public funds which are meant to serve you.

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We can still mention the fact that they have been accused of murder in cold blood and numerous sexual allegations and they have failed to defend themselves in court.

Like seriously youth KE, what new information will make you want to be manipulated by them again?

Are The Kenyan Youth Politically Misinformed?

If we could just stop for a second and think about what we are doing, we might realize that these politicians know how our brains work.

They know how to manipulate us for their own good. Its like they have put us in a cult that uses poverty and fear to control us

We are dumping a whole five years into a few shillings probably Ksh 200 just to buy ourselves some alcohol and weed to smoke our problems away( which never works by the way) instead of trying to make our vote change the situation for a better tomorrow.

This is selfishness on the next level. We just think of ourselves just for now, to have a good time now and forgetting about our kids later. Guys we need to use our brains for once and not our stomachs for sure.

How can someone hire you with pennies on a shilling to go and cause chaos on their opponent’s campaigns just because they do not know how to express themselves politically? Are you their parents?

Remember, these people have a tight security detail ranging from private body guards to GSU to even the lowest ranked trained security guards. Yet you are here risking your life for them while they don’t really, like really give a shit about you.

Guys nobody in political positions of power cares about you. Only your brain and your vote will save you. I am sure you yourself can produce a truck load of evidence to support that.

Just look at yourself and try to find out why you are worth that little pennies they give you to buy your time to cause a dysfunction instead of making your life better.

Their security personnel’s breakfast is even worth much more than what they give you.

Guys it’s the dream selling season, so please analyze the details and buy into the best dream that has the potential to give your grandkids a better life.

Follow the track record of the said politician and have some background check if they are really worth your vote. Just be selfish in a good way, take your time to be informed.

Even if you vote or don’t vote or don’t care about voting, politics and political leaders will always affect your life wherever you go.

What the Youth can do to Change the Kenyan Politics.

Since its very difficult to convince a Kenyan youth without mentioning what will benefit them in the immediate moment, just make sure that the corruption money given to you does not corrupt your mind at the voting booth.

Don’t let them molest your brain all the way to the ballot box without you taking a step back and questioning their policies and what they are selling you.

Just ask yourself if they are consistent in what they say because most of the time, the lies are wide open for you to see.

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The politicians are not that much different than you, remember we are all born and bred in Kenya, so just like you don’t expect much from yourself, don’t expect much from them either.

The best thing a youth can do is to vote for a visionary leader and not just a clown with a loaded bank account. A leader who can voice the concerns of the state of the Ghettos and villages but not just the one who is in the parliament to warm the seats and kill time.

Since things barely get done in the ground, it is better when the public is aware of the state of the Ghettos and villages. Things might get done if much awareness about the situation is brought to the limelight.

All these things gets done when a leader is in the forefront but if it’s a clown, its going to be drama after drama after the previous drama.

Most of these clown leaders elected every now and then appeal to our minds because we a contented with their dramatic performances and how they look wealthy.

We are attracted to the illusion that good leaders are the ones who act and think like us but have more money and cars.

So we are constantly chasing that illusion of good leadership but we end up electing the abusive leaders that behave exactly like the previous ones.

We are addicted to political abuse and poor service to the point that transparent and honest leadership is like a foreign thing that can’t happen here in Kenya.