Candice Modiselle celebrates World Theatre Day.
Taking to Instagram the star reminisces on her early days as an actress and how she was introduced to the stage at the age of 10.
“didn’t get a moment to share some of my fondest memories in celebration of #WorldTheatreDay yesterday, so here I am.”
“Boy do I miss it. The rush, excellence, passion, spectacle, discipline, craftsmanship. An art form that understands its core and doesn’t shift away from it. A heart rooted in telling stories, honestly.”
“I was first introduced to the stage at 10 years old, with little to no idea on how a mere “school play” could transform my life forever. 19 years later I can solidly say that I’m proud of the strides I’ve made from a young emerging performer to a world class practitioner.”
“My prayers are that God continue to use my gift to serve in whatever capacity, as an actress, director, producer and vessel. I also pray that our local theatre industry sees exponential growth, support and the appreciation it deserves. We may lack many things but great stories and storytellers, certainly”
“I dedicate this post to the late great Bab’ Mncedisi Shabangu. Watching him and Babi Hamilton Dlamini in Woza Albert over 10 years ago was the single most definitive moment that cemented my love for performance. Forever loved, forever revered.”
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