A Brief Intro to Iyanii Bio and Achievements.

Being born into poverty especially in the slums, there is a thin line between making it and losing the direction of life.

It is very easy to get mixed up with the crowd with no ambitions or a sense of purpose in what they do ion a daily basis.

Even though there were a lot of bad and horrible things going on, Iyanii had to always choose the good side of things that happen in the Slums.

He always focused on what is possible and not what is wrong about his environment.

It was difficult because going against the crows is never easy but he knew there has to be something good that can happen in his life.

Most of his neighborhood friends got mixed up with the life of crime and they lost their lives but Iyanii Chose to do unpopular things and stayed alive.

That’s why he chose music as a vehicle to take him to the other side.

In his hassles in the Kenyan music scene, he met Arrow Bwoy, one of the biggest artists in East Africa.

The two met when Iyanii did a cover for one of his songs, ‘Jungle Love’ and it went viral. Arrow Bwoy initiated the link up and their relationship started from there.

After mentoring him for some time, Arrow Bwoy signed him to his record label called Utembe World. This is before he blew up in the music industry.

Iyanii’s first song titled ‘Memories’ was released under Utembe World and that was what launched him in the mainstream media.

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After like nine months later, Iyanii dropped another hit single, ‘Pombe’, which blew up and topped the playlists in all of the media stations, streets and clubs.

The song became the official party anthem since it glorifies the art of having a good time.

Before the Christmas of 2021, his other song ‘Furaha’ was released and everybody fell in love with it which translated to happiness and coming together and have a good time.

Iyanii definitely has a good sense of good times and through his music he can take you to that place where you enjoy the moment and have a blast.

Just from those hits, the charisma that he has and his level of professionalism, Iyanii is booked and he gets to perform all over East Africa. Money is now calling his name on repeat.

Here is a brief biography of Iyanii and his journey in the music scene.

Iyanii Personal Background, Age, Real name, Parents, Girlfriend, Tribe

Ian Oure Okwemba popularly known as Iyanii was born and raised in Mathare Area 2 in Eastlands Nairobi.

He was born in 1999 as a last born child in a family of four, two big sisters and one big brother.

He grew up in a two parent household who are truly religious. This Christian background is what drove Iyanii to start off his music career as a gospel artist.

As an artist and a businessman, he had to disappoint his parents by getting into secular music which is the complete opposite of what they stand and believe in.

Growing up in Mathare slums or any other poor and disenfranchised part of a metropolitan city, you tend to have to speak up for something or let people know you are cool.

Iyanii always is on some good vibes which is contrary to the popular belief about people coming out of the Slums of Eastlands.

The fact that he has no chips on his shoulder, with nothing to prove to anybody and still maintain his confidence is a true sense of self awareness.

Whenever you see him having a conversation or in an interview, he always puts on a big smile which makes you want to just talk to him.

The hassle he has been doing in the Kenyan entertainment for over a decade before getting a breakthrough was tough and along the way he learned a lot about being charismatic.

Iyanii Education background.

Like anyother Kenyan, iyanii had to go through the education system.

He started his education in Mathare area and around Huruma neighborhoods. He joined Salama Primary School in Huruma.

For his high school education he joined Trinity High before transferring to Hopes High in Western Kenya.

For tertiary education, Iyanii enrolled at Daystar University. His parents did all they can but he couldn’t finish the degree due to lack of finances.

Iyanii’s Journey into Music, Meeting Bahati and Mr Seed.

Iyanii began his music journey at the age of 14 years, playing guitars and writing lots of music about love. He recorded his first music single at the age of 16 through the link of Mr Seed.

His first critic who gave him objective feedback about his gospel music was Bahati, who at the time was among his close circle of friends.

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At this time, Iyanii was in a boy band called RBC (Real Brothers in Christ) where they did a lot of Gospel tracks and performances in Mathare.

RBC band had three members including Iyanii himself, Njoroo and Juma. Throughout the long journey in the Kenyan music industry, the group split and grew in different directions.

Iyanii took his time to leas and ask and learn a lot without complaining like the many underground artists out there.

He definitely has his ego checked and is willing to learn as much as he can from the people who can teach him.

Iyanii Girlfriend.

At the moment, Iyanii is still enjoying his attention and fame that came as a big breakthrough.

His main focus is to grab as much fruits of his music as he can and try to stamp his sound and style in the East African music scene.

Remember it took him over a decade to make it in this music thing.

For Iyanii, its not a good time to be committed to somebody when every lady wants a piece of him, like right now.

But of course if you come correct, he might have to reconsider his stand when it comes to dating.

So Iyanii is still up for grabs and he is not yet taken. He is out here to share his love.

Iyanii Songs.

There is no doubt that Iyanii is one of the best artists that can bring a unique energy to the crowd through his music.

His songs are authentic to the everyday life of everyone and you can always sing along whenever it plays.

Being a true artist and a risk taker, Iyanii never blew up through collaboration with another artist but by himself.

It never came easy but he was ready to ride the wave from the beginning.

Here are some of his songs that will definitely bless your playlist;

  1. Memories.
  2. Pombe.
  3. Furaha.
  4. Furaha Remix ft Arrow Bwoy.
  5. Valentines.

You can stream his music here.