President William Ruto has reassigned 7 principal secretaries, a day after he sacked Dr. Josephine Mburu, the PS for State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards over KEMSA mosquito net scandal

President William Ruto has recently made significant changes within his Cabinet, reassigning seven Principal Secretaries (PS) from various ministries.

The President announced these changes in a statement released to the newsrooms on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, stating that the new PSs would assume their new roles with immediate effect.

One of the notable reassignments involves, Jonathan Mueke who has been transferred from the Sports Ministry to the Ministry of Agriculture, where he will serve as PS Livestock.

President William Ruto

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This move highlights the President’s focus on strengthening the agricultural sector and ensuring the efficient management of livestock-related affairs.

In a cross-ministry shift, Harry Kimtai has been reassigned from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Health, specifically as PS Medical Services.

This transfer underscores President Ruto’s emphasis on improving medical services and addressing healthcare challenges in the country.

Similarly, Peter Kiplagat Tum has been reassigned from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Sports, signaling the President’s commitment to promoting sports and physical activities within the nation.

President William Ruto during the joint media interview

Marry Muthoni Muriuki, previously heading the Correctional Services under the Interior Ministry, has been appointed as PS Public Health & Professional Standards in the Ministry of Health.

This strategic move aims to leverage her expertise and experience to enhance public health initiatives and maintain professional standards within the healthcare sector.

Esther Ngero, who previously served as PS Performance Management in the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, has been transferred to the Interior Ministry as PS Correctional Services.

President William Ruto during a media breifing at State House, Nairobi on May 3, 2023

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Her new role involves overseeing correctional facilities and implementing measures to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

To ensure a smooth transition and fill the vacant position of PS Performance Management, President Ruto appointed Faith Njeri.

President William Ruto during an interview with journalists at State House, Nairobi on May 14, 2023

Ruto reassigned former Forestry PS Ephantus Kimani as Water PS in the Ministry of Irrigation, While Gitonga Mugambi as PS Forestry from Water, where he previously served PS Irrigation.