Intro to Jovial Bio and Achievements.

Starting out as a church choir member in Kisauni Mombasa, Jovial has grown to be one of the best Swahili R&B artists in not only Kenya but the whole of East Africa.

Her songs have the power to take you through an atmosphere of romance or just change your mood whenever you feel low or heartbroken.

Jovial is a Kenyan singer, song writer, recording and performing artist soaring the heights of the African music industry.

The style of her music is majorly the Afro-Fusion with a twist of R&B and Zouk with lyrical language delivery being Swahili.

Her first debut song ‘Chanda Chema’ attracted a massive airplay giving her a successful landing as a new artist in the game like her favorite role model Otile Brown.

Jovial has collaborated with a lot of artists with big names in the entire East African music scene from Jua Kali, Otile Brown, Arrrow Bwoy, Mejja to Darassa in Tanzania.

Some of her most successful features were done with Otile Brown, Darassa, Marioo and Mbuzi Gang.

Such Kinda Love’ and ‘Jeraha’ were the biggest hits that Jovial dropped featuring Otile Brown  before later securing a collabo with Tanzania’s finest rapper ‘Darassa.

Here is the biography and the success journey of Jovial in the music industry.

Jovial Background, Age, Real Name, Tribe, Nationality and Religion.

Juliet Ayub Miriam popularly known as Jovial was born on January 1st 1992 in Mombasa County.

Her nationality is Kenyan from the tribe of Mijikenda inhabiting the coastal region.

Jovial is an avcast of a Luhya Kenyan Mother and a Mijikenda Tanzanian father but she spent most of her life in Mombasa.

Her father was a guitarist and preacher while her mother was a choir master, both serving at the Anglican Church of Kenya.

Having been raised under strict Christian religious values and beliefs, Jovial grew up to stick by them even though she creates secular music.

She prefers maintaining her spirituality rather than being religious because she has to make a business out of her singing career.

Jovial Music Career.

Starting out as a church Choir member in Kisauni Mombasa, Jovial had an opportunity to develop her talent as a singer.

She was a member of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Kengeleni as a soloist from her early age to youth choir.

At the age of 12 she recorded her first song at the Tears Records Studio which was one of the underground recording studios in Mombasa.

She later shifted to Big Sound Records to record one of her coastal hits song, ‘Mapenzi Kivyetu’.

The song did well but Jovial decided to take a little break from music scene to focus on her high school education.

Her second song after going silent for long was ‘Hisia’ which she recorded at SQ Records.

This time, while still a high school kid, Jovial got an opportunity to perform as a curtain raiser for J.I when he was on a tour in Mombasa with his hit song, ‘Kidato Kimoja’

After high school, she started doing music professionally but this time she was really into secular commercial music.

She made a few hit songs that pushed her brand all over the coastal region until 2013 when she decided to move to Nairobi.

Before relocating, her manager contacted Jua Kali telling him that she is a good singer and would appreciate if he can listen to some of her songs.

Being a humble supportive guy Jua Kali accepted and asked her to come to Nairobi and they did a collabo song, ‘Sina Tabu’ recorded in Calif Records by Producer Clemmo.

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The song became a blessing to Jovial and her whole journey as an artist. She started getting calls for shows around Nairobi.

The biggest song that cemented her brand as an artist was the, ‘Chanda Chema’ song released under SQ Records with her personal producer in 2015.

In 2019, Jovial met with the Swahili R&B hit maker Otile Brown and was signed under Just In Love Music Label.

Jovial and Otile Brown’s Just In Love Music Label.

Around mid-year 2019, singer Jovial was signed under Otile Brown’s new record label, Just In Love Music.

With a token of an advance payment, she was also gifted a Mazda Demio car just to appreciate her partnership with the label.

Together they released two collaboration singles, ‘Zichune’ and ‘Amor’ which were successful in the mainstream media.

Jovial was Otile Brown’s first artist to sign under the label. After a few weeks Jovial decided to terminate the contract and decided to roll on her own.

Rumors had it that Habbi, Otile’s Ethiopian girlfriend was jealous of their close friendship and was just trying to protect her relationship.

Jovial later dismissed the allegations claiming that they are all in good terms, nobody was jealous of anybody.

It was just a business disagreement that was better kept confidential plus she didn’t like Otile Brown’s controlling habit.

Being an independent single mother, Jovial believes that she can’t be pushed around or feel like she is under pressure all the time especially since she is a creative.

The two Swahili R&B hit makers still work together closely and their friendship goes way back when they were just trying to break into the industry.

Jovial Baby Daddy/Husband.

As a matter of confirming the normal stereotype associated with R&B artists, Jovial has gone through some tough heart breaks.

She can actually relate with whatever the line she sings on a song and this also helps her bring out the character into life for the audience to grasp the concept.

Jovial has been in a love relationship before the incumbent of fame and the purpose she has built around her life.

Before blowing up in the music industry, she was in a long term relationship with her baby daddy who was to be her future husband.

The two dated for long and made a kid together but it reached a point that Jovial felt like she was just there wasting time since the guy had no direction in life at all.

He probably wanted her to drop her ambitions of being a professional musician and stick to being a house wife.

Jovial didn’t like the idea of being a stay home mum who is married to less ambitious guy, so she broke up with him and came to Nairobi to pursue her dreams.

The breakup was hard for her and the kid but she had to do it for her sake of her dreams and provide her child a good life.

From then Jovial has always focused on pushing music and raising her only child as a single mother.

Later in 2021, she broke the news to the internet that she is back to the dating scene and she was in love with one of her biggest fans.

The details about the lucky man are still not public since Jovial prefers having her private business remain out of the public domain.

Jovial Songs and Mixtapes.

Jeraha ft Otile Brown.

Such Kinda Love Ft Otile Brown.

Pita Nawe.

Size Yangu.


Zichune Ft Otile Brown.

Unanikosha ft Marioo


Polepole ft Danny Dee

Around ft Mr Seed.



Sherehe Sheri aft Mbuzi Gang.

Mi Amor ft Marioo.


Rise to the Challenge.