Justina Syokau is a Kenyan Gospel Singer and Motivational speaker coming from a Kamba community.

Her music style and genre has been loved all over social media.

Justina Syokau Quick Biography and Achievements.

It is said that the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight, for Justina Syokau it is exactly as such.

As a soldier of the gospel of christ, she has been tested harshly but her level of endurance is uncomparable.

She has been able to keep her faith regardless of the challenge she has been subjected to; whether it is losing her marriage, separation from her child, hate from family and friends and cyber bullying.

Justina Syokau has seen it all but still she is here to proclaim a prophesy of prosperity every start of the year.

With all of these tribulations, she has also been blessed beyond the way she had imagined.

Her successful music career has given her another chance in life and another brand new chapter full of wealth and nationwide fame.

She is an independent business woman with a descent real estate investment portfolio and other ventures.

But before she got all the wealth, life had done her dirty before, here is the life story of Justina Syokau.

Justina Syokau Marriage, Divorce and Ex- Husband.

After seeking the face of God for the longest as a daughter brought up in church, Justina Syokau caught an eye of a gentleman in her church.

The guy was persistent enough and was patient to wait for her right time of saying yes.

When they started dating, it took them two years before they tued the knot and became one flesh through a declaration of a church wedding.

In 2012, Justina Syokau and her partner did a wedding that was more lurvish and flamboyant.

The couple went for a honeymoon and then life begun.

Starting out, love was still at the centre of the two partners but slowly by slowly small dissagreements started.

These type of family misunderstandings would go for long untill it leads to frequent fights.

As time goes by, it turned into abuse and more of gender based violence subjected to her.

While married to her partner, Justina Syokau would be abused and humiliated by her husband in front of the whole family.

It was rough and disrespectful plus he would be left alone in the house without food or any form of medical attention.

It was nothing she had pictured before or during her wedding day.

Having been brought up under christianity religion she decided to perservere but after the birth of ber first born child, it got even worse.

Justina Syokau gave birth to her first chirld through cesarian delivery so she was not able to do any house chores for a little while.

She had to get a house help to help her out with the house chores but the girl ended up disrespecting her.

Now she is dealing with the hate from the househelp and the husband who would sneak around having sex together in her own house.

Justina would nologer hundle the situation, it was too much for her but again she was thrown out to live in the streets.

A good summaritan gave her Ksh 200 as transport for her to go back home in Machakos County.

Justina Syokau Family.

After getting separated from her ex husband, Justina Syokau headed back home.

This is the place that everybody looks back to whenever things goes rough since everyone will welcome you back just the way you are.

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For Justina, it was a different story.

Her family was blaming her for ruining their chriatian reputation and failing to hold her marriage which had now went down the drain.

When she didnt find peace at home, Justina Syokau went back to Nairobi to live with her friend who was willing to host her.

She joined a local church nearby and was among the worship team.

After sometime things startes changing for the better; she got a job and her confidence started coming back.

Justina Syokau Music Career.

After being a consistent self-driven member of the praise and worship team in church, her music voice was really sharpened.

Justina Syokau started recording music and selling CDs on Matatus and trying her luck every single day.

Her mother later visited her in Nairobi since she needed medical attention but later died of health complications.

Again the rest of ber family blamed her for sacrificing her mother to gain success in her music career.

Her siblings and home friends are envious of her massive success in music and real estate investments.

The singer has decided to just move on with life and leave all the pain and sorrows in the past.

She is embracing God’s blessings bestowed upon her and everything she has worked for.

Justina Syokau is nkw a professional singer and Motivational speaker with music which carry a prophetic message of prosperity.

Her first hit song ‘Twendi Twendi’ gained a massive airplay and was able to perform it live on Churchill Show.

She has been releasing prosperity prophesy songs every start of the year like ‘Twendi Twendi One’ Twendi Twendi Tirii’.

Her songs have often been twisted by haters and cyber bullies online bjt she keeps going and pushing her talent.

Justina Syokau Quitting Music.

After dropping her new year prophesy hit song, it went viral on social media and everyone was dancing to the tune of ‘Tendi Twendi Tilii’ song.

However, the trolls and cyber bullies were not left behind.

They actually interpreted ber song differently insinuating that this year Justina Syokau will open her legs more n more for more money to flow in.

Of course she did not like it and the fact that the wrong interpretation spread faster than the good one is really overwhelming her.

For that reason Justina Syokau decided to quit music so she could stop these haters and bullies taking advantage of her God given talent.

She chose to do evangelism through her facebook page because she is done entertaining ungrateful fans.

Justina Syokau Net Worth.

With a successful music career and uncountable live performace bookings, Justina Syokau is among the top paid vernacular artists in Kenya.

She has diversified her business investments into real estate among others.

Justina Syokau has an estimated net worth of $450,000

Justina Syokau New Husband.

Having been divorced and tested a Marriage with no love whatsoever, Justina Syokau is not looking to make the same mistakes again.

She has been rumored to be dating Ringtone Apoko but she later dismissed the claims.

Justina Syokau said that Ringtone is broke and does not match her standards.

The new potential husband should check the following boxes;
Financially stable.
Above age 35.
God fearing.
Good in bed.

Justina Syokau Bootilicious and New Shape Surgery.

For the longest time, Justina Syokau has always wanted a big nyash more than what Vera Sidika has.

Though her natural one is still big, she had to go get a BBL Surgery in December 2022 to boost her self esteem.

She was spotted having difficulty walking on an jnstagram video claiming that har legs are hurting due to the amount of weight of her butt.

The surgery allegedly costed her Ksh 2Million.