A brief intro to Kahush’s Bio.

Kahush is definitely one of the fast rising artistes in Kenyan entertainment scene. His style of music, Shrap, resonates with most of the Kenyan youth thus boosting his brat at such a higher rate.

He rose to fame in 2019 with his first hit single.’Mi Siwezi’. The song was a success since it was a strategic time that the Kenyan sound was on high demand.

The Covid-19 pandemic did a lot to let people know of the new Kenyan sounds like shrap that Kahush was one of the pioneers.

After going mainstream, Kaush has released a number of hit songs and features with various artistes in the industry.

One of his featured hit songs was ‘Mastingo’ which he collaborated with Chris Kaiga.

Kahush’s Background, Real Name and his Father.

Being the last born son to the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, Kahush was born to royalty and has a reputation to live up to.

He also has like a lot to prove when it comes to getting the respect he deserves for the successful music career that he has curved for himself.

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Some people might not respect his hassle as they might claim that he got everything on a silver platter or he uses his father’s influence to get the opportunities that he has.

Kahush whose real name is Kahumburu Mutahi was born in 1998 in Nairobi. He is a cousin to singer, rapper and record producer Kagwe Mungai.

At the moment, Kahush is juggling between music and pursuing a degree in Politics and International Relations at the Nottingham University in London.

It can be tough since most of his fans are here in Kenya while he is studying in London. On the bright side, the internet has proved that anything can be done anywhere, so Kahush can still connect with his fans and still release his music online.

Kahush’s Girlfriend.

Being a celebrity comes with the good and the bad, it a whole package that needs to always be on a balance. Most public figures have a hard time keeping their personal life a little more private.

Keeping it private is something that can be done, for the most part but bringing your dating life to the public can potentially boost your value in the public eye.

There is a downside to this but the upside is way bigger and better, and that is why Kahush had to unveil his girlfriend to the public.

He took it to social media to let the ladies crushing on him know that he is taken and he has plans to get married to his current girlfriend.

When he held a Q&A with his fans on instagram, Kahush had to answer tough questions including the one about his plans with his girlfriend.

 He later revealed that he is not just in the relationship for fun and games; he is serious about this lady and plans to spend the rest of his life with her.

Of course the ladies on his DMs were not pleased but the man has made up his own mind.

Kahush and Tracy Wanjiru.

We all have that one crush, whether it a celebrity or just some guy or a girl net door.

These people we crush on makes us want to do crazy things for them and some people do go to an extent to do such crazy things for them. Its nobody’s fault, you like what you like period!.

Now for our boy Kahush here, he has a long-term crush on Tracy Wanjiru.

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She makes him want to risk everything for her.

Now I am all for people crushing on other people but I don’t think I can say I have a crush on someone especially when I have a girlfriend who I consider the most beautiful woman in the world.

But that is me, now Kahush has mentioned his undying need to meet with Tracy Wanjiru and do a music video together. I am sure his dreams might just come true someday.

Keep in mind that Kahush has a girlfriend who is his ride or die at this moment.

Kahush’s Music Awards and Nominations.

Following the hard work and consistency in his music, Kahush has managed to attract the attention of the larger entertainment industry and awards.

The following are some of the awards and nominations that he has been presented;

Best collaboration of the year, nominee – Pulse Music Video Awards (PMVA, 2020)

Breakthrough video of the year, nominee – PMVA (2020)

Hip hop artiste of the year – Café Ngoma Awards (2020)

Song of the year – UnKut Hennesy Hip Hop Awards (2020)

Best music video dance challenge of the year – PMVA (2020)

From his body of work, it is much clear how much Kahush is dedicated to silencing his critics to constantly scrutinize his acts. The awards and recognitions in the entertainment industry speak a lot about his consistency and attitude.

Kahush Net worth.

Coming from such a rich family, Kahush has definitely had little to no financial struggles. That’s a fact. Since his father is such a high profile politician and a cabinet secretary, my guess is as good as yours.

I think it is correct to say that Kahush has had time and financial security that affords him the time to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He definitely don’t have to do anything and can still live a descent life with less money problems.

Despite all of that, Kahush has made his own money. Yes he is out here earning from brand endorsement deals apart from the royalties from his music.

He is the brand ambassador of the Fresh Chewing gum. The details about the cost of the deal is not yet disclosed but its pretty much clear that he made a good fortune out of it.

Kahush’s estimated net worth is probably not below eight figures excluding his family inheritance.

Kahush Kidnapping.

It is not clear why or who did the kidnapping of the Mastingo hit maker. Kahush took it to social media in October 2021 insinuating that he was kidnapped.

He posted a picture on social media wearing a bloodstained white vest and a towel.

He then sent a message directing to the kidnappers that they should move out. “To the niggas who kidnapped me yesterday, I know where you live, you should move out.”

The message stirred up a lot of people in the comment section. Some were concerned and wished him a quick recovery while others claimed that Kahush was just publicizing his music video.

Kahush Songs.

Kahush has definitely blessed us with hit singles and albums that has topped the chats in the recent times.


If we don’t give up.

Mi siwezi.


Trial and Error.

Check out and steam his music here.