Coming from an ethnically diverse family setting, Kamene Goro has grown to be one of the most influential radio personalities in Kenya.

She started out as a TV News reporter to becoming a top notch news anchor at Ebru Africa TV.

Her media career started out while she was still a law student at The University of Nairobi, Parklands Campus.

Due to her undying passion for media and entertainment, Kamene was able to juggle both the demands of being a young lawyer and trying to learn as much as she could about news media.

Kamene Goro comes from a family of hardworking Christian family who understand the demands of developing and perfecting new skills that come with the new responsibilities.

All of her success is definitely as a result of her parents instilling confidence and tenacity in her from the beginning.

Kamene has worked with some of the biggest media companies in Kenya including Radio Africa Group, NRG Radio and Ebru TV.

At the moment she is the host of the popular breakfast show ‘The Morning Kiss’ on Kiss FM every weekday from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m

She also has her own show called ‘Good Vibes Only’ at Kiss TV where she interviews celebrities topping the East African Entertainment Scene.

The show airs on TV every Saturday from 10.00 p.m which is all about appreciating pop culture and spreading good vibes.

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Here is a brief story of Kamene Goro;

Kamene Goro Biography.

Here is a brief biography and the journey of Kamene Goro from growing up as a suburban girl to being among the top female influencers in Kenya.

Kamene Goro Family Background (Parents and Siblings).

Being a working class family, Kamene’s Parents lived in South C before moving to Woodley then finally settling in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

Her dad is one of the top structural Engineers in Kenya while her mother is a film producer and director and she is currently working as the director at the Kenya Film School.

Kamene draws most of her inspiration and emotional support from her parents who really raised the bar for her to rise over the top in her careers.

She is the second born middle child in a family of three kids. Her big brother, Wambugu, is a graphic designer and her younger sister, Natasha, is a doctor.

All of them as siblings went through the University of Nairobi for their undergraduate education.

Kamene Goro Age, Tribe and Education Background.

Michelle Kamene Goro popularly known as Kamene Goro was born on the 24th March 1992 in Mugoya South C, Nairobi.

Her family comes from a multiethnic background of Kikuyu, Kamba, Giriama and Borana.

In 1997 Kamene’s family moved to Woodley and later settled in Karen where her dad built his retirement home.

She attended Kestromana Kindergathen School in westlands then later joined Rusinga School where she did the rest of her primary and secondary education under British System.

While at rusinga, she discovered her passion in broadcast journalism.

Kamene started engaging in the debate clubs and was among the students who trained other debate clubs who went to represented the country in South Africa.

Since she knew the career path that she was to get into, Kamene kept on honing her communication skills and her ability to be articulate.

After completing high school, she secured a couple of scholarships to go and study at the UK but her dad insisted on her joining the University of Nairobi to study Law as her first degree.

She went to Parklands Campus for four years though she started her TV career while in second year.

Kamene Goro Media Career.

While still a second year law student at the University of Nairobi Parklands, Kamene decided to try out her luck in the news media industry.

During this time, she was employed as a para legal while still attending her classes.

All the little opportunities that came with being a lawyer still didn’t make sense to her since she wasn’t pursuing her passion as a media personality.

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One time, an opportunity came when she heard that Ebru Tv was launching in Kenya.

She had to keep it a secret from her parents because they were not really supporting her idea of doing broadcast media.

At the age of 20, Kamene Goro officially began her career in the media industry as a news reporter while continuing with her law degree as a part-time.

At the age of 23, she decided to quit her TV career at the time when she was the Head News Anchor and moved to Arusha to get married.

A few years later, she came back after the marriage ended and resumed her TV career for a little moment before the switched to radio.

She joined the NRG Radio as a morning host alongside Andrew Kibe and Deejay Kace. The show, NRG Breakfast was among the top listened radio shows in Kenya.

In 2019 september, she switched to Radio Africa’s Kiss FM to host the breakfast show Kiss Breakfast which she does to date.

The show is definitely a success and it reaches a wider audience all over Kenya every morning.

Kamene Goro Ex-Husband.

While still working at Ebru TV, Kamene met with a Tanzanian businessman who would later become her husband.

The two fell in love with each other hard enough that Kamene was willing to quit her hard earned media career and move with him to Arusha to start a family.

At this time, she was still young and had just fallen in love with a guy who promised her the world not knowing that it might later end in tears and massive heartbreak.

The two lived together for a while before Kamene now coming to her senses when she realized that her destiny was not to be a housewife.

The biggest eye opener for her was when she realized that she only had two things to look forward to in the course of the whole week, going to the salon and shopping at the supermarket.

The moment of realization hit her hard when she realized that she had been so naïve to give up her career when it was at its peak.

So one day her ex-husband flew to South Africa and she went back to Nairobi for a few days before they would reconnect later.

As she was driving, she could feel her guts and instincts telling her she shouldn’t be in that marriage because she is supposed to be on TV and making other career moves.

A few days later when she was at her parents’ home in Karen, her ex called and they had a normal conversation for a while before breaking the news that he was no longer interested in getting married to her.

Though she had anticipated for a breakup, Kamene wasn’t expecting that it would end like that through a WhatsApp phone call.

It was really a despicable thing he did but she had to face the reality, accept the situation and try to move on with her life.

After a week of trying to process what had just happened, Kamene Goro did exactly that, she moved on with her life and her media career was alive and booming again.

The whole situation was definitely a moment to learn some big life lessons at a young age, Kamene is now unstoppable and is conquering the world one step at a time every single day.

Kamene Goro Body Count.

Kamene as a Young independent lady believes in speaking your truth even if it will hurt you or other people in the long run.

She is not afraid to say it as it is, especially since she had fallen a victim of self-censorship before.

In 2019, Kamene took it to social media and revealed her body count. She declared that she has had a sexual encounter with over 27 men at that time when she was only 27 years old.

The statement received a lot of backlash from the public, which later hurt her brand and corporate deals.

Some of the brands she was working with decided to drop her from their deals.

Even her then employer, NRG Radio, put her on an ice block claiming that the way she spoke her truth is not popular with how women should behave in an African setting.

Kamene Goro regrets losing on the influencer deals but still cherishes the fact that she was able speak out freely as she would like to.

Kamene Goro Lifestyle, Cars, Salary and Net Worth.

In 2020, Kamene Goro acquired her first high end luxury car, E350 Mercedes Benz, which definitely broke her bank account after purchasing it.

The car costed her Ksh 3.5 million, which is a lot of money to spend on a car but she is the boss and that is how she spends her money.

This was her third car still from the Mercedes Car Company. She has a collection of other two Mercedes cars, the Benz E200 and the second one is Benz C180.

Kamene has been driving Mercedes Benz cars from way back when she was still in Campus so she is definitely one of the rich kids from the suburbs of Nairobi.

The Kiss FM presenter lives an expensive lifestyle which is pretty obvious since she comes from a rich family.

She is among the highest paid radio presenters in the country with a salary of approximately Ksh 420,000 per month.

Kamene Goro rocks a short hairstyle and her net worth is approximately over 80,000 dollars.