Media personality Kamene Goro has warned her haters that she will no longer tolerate their deceitful behaviour

Kamene Goro, a well-known media personality, has recently taken to social media to share some of the valuable life lessons she has learned since turning 31.

In her Instagram stories, Kamene warned her haters that she will no longer tolerate their deceitful behaviour.

One of the main lessons Kamene has learned is to believe people when they show you who they are.

She advises against making excuses for others and instead urges people to make a conscious decision to keep them in their lives or leave them behind.

“If there’s something Chapter 31 is teaching me in my life, When People show you who they are, Believe it! Imagine don’t allow or make excuses for them, choose to keep them or leave them,” she wrote.

Screenshot of Kamene Goro’s post on Instagram story

Kamene recognizes that people can be very complicated and difficult to navigate.

She refers to them as the ‘full ghetto,’ and warns that those closest to you can often be the ones who betray you the most.

Kamene speaks from personal experience when she says that some people will take advantage of your kindness and willingness to trust them.

“Lakini people are the full ghetto!!!! And it really be the closest who are. the biggest snakes!” she wrote.

Kamene Goro

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She admits to having been in situations where she knew someone was behaving in a questionable way, but she chose to remain silent and ignore it for the sake of the relationship.

“I’m those who just keep quiet and watch you take me for a fool. I’ll laugh with you, smile with you even as I know all the trifling shit you are up to,” she wrote.

However, Kamene has had enough of this type of behavior and is putting her haters on notice. She warns them that their time is up and she will no longer tolerate their trifling ways.

“Anyway allow me to put you on notice, you’re time is up!” she wrote.

Kamene celebrates birthday in Egypt

On March 24th, Kamene Goro marked her birthday in Egypt alongside her partner DJ Bonez.

The bubbly media personality was all smiles as she enjoyed her special day with the love of her life.

Kamene Goro

DJ Bonez took to social media to share a photo of Kamene and referred to her as his queen.

He went on to express how happy he is to have her as his partner and how they share the same sense of humor.

In response, Kamene thanked her partner and wished for many more happy moments together. The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary.