Intro to Kanambo DeDe Bio

Despite growing up the slums of Kasarani Eastlands of Nairobi City, Kanambo DeDe has a sheer determination of making it to the top through music.

Her first freestyle video that went viral online in 2021 caught attention of many, including rapper and Business Mogul King KaKa.

The video captures her spitting rhymes in the middle of the streets showing how undisputed she is even if she is still in the ghetto slums.

Kanambo DeDe has been through the tough times as a young ghetto girl growing in extreme poverty of the slums.

After she ran away from home she met up with a lot of struggles that led her to getting pregnant by somebody she hardly knew.

As of now she is signed record deal with KaKa Empire which is known for spotting and developing talent.

Kaka Empire has discovered a lot of talent and has been in the Kenyan music business for over fifteen years.

The likes of Fena Gitu, Rich Mavoko, Arrow Bwoy, Timmy T Dat, Femi One and many more were all discovered singned and developed by KaKa Empire.

So far is okay to say that Kanambo DeDe is in good hands and her future is bright as long as she puts in the work necessary to reach the top.

Kanambo dede has so far released two hit songs titled ‘Walahi’ and ‘One Day’ which were both sponsored by King Kaka.

Kanambo DeDe Background, Age, Real Name.

Purity Nyambura popularly known as Quincher Mkanambo a.k.a Kanambo DeDe was born in 2005 in Santon, Kasarani at the Eastlands of Nairobi City where she grew up and went to school there.

Kanambo DeDe grew up in a family of three where she has one sister and her single mother.

Her dad has always been absent leaving them struggling to pay rent, feed themselves or even go to school.

She joined The Bridge School located within Santon Kasarani for her primary education.

Upon joining high school, she had a disagreement with her mother, which led her to being sent away from home.

All these meant that she had to drop out of school. She did exactly that even though she was just 14 years old and headed to Kayole, another ghetto slum in Embakasi.

She hassled as hard as she could, working as a waitress in a soup kitchen, hawking Changaa, and everything she had to do to survive.

While in Kayole, she lived with her friend in a single room together with her friend’s boyfriend whom all depended on Kanambo to put food on the table.

Kanambo DeDe Baby Daddy.

When the three were living in one single room rental, her friend got tired of living hand-to-mouth way of survival.

So she went back home leaving her boyfriend behind, staying with Kanambo in the same house.

With the two living together freely, one thing led to another and she got pregnant at a very young age of 15.

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Even though she hardly knew him, her innocence still found a way to trust and provide for him.

Her early pregnancy comes with a lot of things she has had to go through to the point that she became prone to making bad decisions.

When she was 7 months pregnant, Kanambo couldn’t go to work anymore and the guy couldn’t provide for her so she had to make tough decisions.

She had to kill her ego and go back home to apologize to her mum and take her back.

It was a painful feeling to realize how much she had disappointed her mother but Kanambo just had to accept the situation and deal with it the way it is.

The guy later denied the responsibility of the pregnancy and Kanambo was left alone to take care of herself and the baby.

At least this time round, she was back home closer to her mum.

Kanambo DeDe is optimistic about the future and is ready to reduce the burden of poverty in her family through music.

Kanambo DeDe KaKa Empire.

On her freestyle video went viral in 2021, Kanambo DeDe displayed unique talent with storytelling-type of rap which can be compared to the likes of Mejja.

King KaKa being one of the few artists with an eye for fresh talent reached out to her and signed her under his record label KaKa Empire.

The motive behind signing her was to save her sanity and her fresh talent which might disappear if nobody provides an opportunity.

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King KaKa having been brought up in the ghetto by a single mother understands the situation that Kanambo was caught up in.

On her track ‘One Day’, Kanambo promises to have sheer determination and commitment in her music and learn as much as she can to make it work for the sake of her kid and family.

Kanambo DeDe Freestyle.

After giving birth to her baby, Kanambo started writing songs. At this time she got a job as a second hand clothes sales lady.

At work, she always carries a book and a pen to write songs which was kind of therapeutic to her.

She always had a talent for music to the point that she took it as just a hobby.

One day when she was chilling with her friends, Donga came by the shop and asked if any of them knew how to sing.

Everybody said Kanambo could sing and even rap. So she accepted the challenge and spit some rhymes.

The rap freestyle for the video was posted on Nairobi Gossip Club, people shared it on social media and it went viral.

King KaKa heard it and was out hunting to talk business with her as fast as she can.

To Kanambo DeDe, signing with Kaka Empire means her hope is still alive and she is going to make it as an artist regardless.

Kanambo DeDe Songs

Whenever you feel down or cant seem to see the other side, turn on the volume of your music to the sound of Kanambo DeDe’s songs.

She can really inspire you even from the story of her life where she was clearly lost and couldn’t see past today.

The two songs that she already put out ‘Walahi’ and ‘One Day’ has risen to be the motivation anthems for the ghetto youth in the hopeless slums of Eastlands Nairobi.

Kanambo DeDe Contacts.

You can find her through your favorite social media handles below;

Instagram @Quinchermkanambo

Facebook @KanamboDeDe

Twitter @Kanambodede

Tiktok @Kanambodede

YouTube @Dede Official