A Quick Intro to Karun Mungai Bio and Achievements.

Coming from a crazy wealthy family, Karun Mungai is actually talented and can sing her soul out.

She has a great track record of hits, successful music groups and prominent international awards to prove it.

She started her music career at a very young age and has maintained a consistent career growth despite a lot of pressure that comes with living on the limelight.

Karun has been an active member of three musical groups that have produced international club hits which are prominently electronic.

Together with Camp Mulla, they toured all over Africa and the diaspora with hits like, ‘Party Don’t Stop’. The song later won the 2012 Chaguo La Teeniz Awards.

While in music school, she was a member of the musical group Kapoambe which also toured around United States.

Cosmic Homies is also one of the musical groups that Karun joined on her quest to redefine herself as an artist with the music training and exposure she has experienced.

She has done solo projects over the years as a young artist and has received several awards and nominations including the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 2019 award for Creative Category.

Here is the biography and the story of Karun Mungai as a humble talented artist from a wealthy family.

Karun Mungai Background, Age, Parents.

Karungari Mungai popularly known as Karun or Miss Karun was born in 1994 to one of the wealthiest families in Kenya.

Karun Mungai’s parents Eric and Molly Mungai are the C.E.Os of the most lucrative companies in Nairobi apart from owning other businesses on the side.

Her dad Eric Arthur Mungai is the C.E.O of Astral Mining Corporation and the Managing Director of the Property Company Speedway Investments.

Her Mum Molly Mungai is a fashion designer, the C.E.O and the Creative Strategy Director at African Mystique Ltd.

Her grandparents were the founders and executive directors of the Evelyn College of Design.

From the look of things, Karun Mungai has never had a taste of being broke and probably the generations to coming after her will have that privilege too.

Karun Mungai Education Background.

Since she comes from a well-off family, Karun Mungai attended one of the prestigious primary and secondary schools.

The system of education that she underwent was probably the British one unlike the normal Kenyan education system.

She joined Peponi School, which is a mixed day and boarding facility which sits on a 45 acre land off Thika Super Highway.

The school was established around 1989 to offer the British Curriculum as an alternative to the normal Kenyan curriculums.

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Peponi School is among the most prestigious and costly private schools in Kenya. For full time borders, they pay over Ksh600, 000 per term while weekly borders pay around Ksh550,000 per term and day schoolers pay Ksh400,000 per term.

For her tertiary education; Karun Mungai joined one of the prestigious music schools, Berklee College of Music in the United States.

She majored in Electronic Music production and design.

While at the college, she joined a pop cappella group known as Kapoambe which gave her an opportunity to perform at several festivals in the USA including the Madaraka Festival in Seattle Washington DC.

Karun Mungai Child and Baby Daddy.

In March of 2017, Karun Mungai welcomed her first born son Prince Mango Mungai-Kiwango.

This led her into the journey of parenthood which is often hard to juggle as an international performing artist.

For her, it’s a blessing to create another soul outside of you that adds more meaning to the life you live and the choices you make every day.

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The father of the baby, Joseph Kiwango is one of the members of the musical group called Cosmic Homies, an electro-soul collective of East Africans.

The two met when Karun joined the group after leaving Camp Mulla and Kapoambe musical groups.

This happened when she was on a journey to redefine herself and the style of music she wants to do as a solo artist.

Karun started a solo music career after giving birth to her son just to make sure the flexibility she needs does not interfere with other peoples interests as it can happen when in a group.

Karun Mungai’s Camp Mulla Music Group.

With their famous motto/saying “Money is the Motive, Music is the Way, Camp Mulla is the Name”, the crowd would always go crazy whenever the group was on stage.

Karun joined Camp Mulla while still in high school.

One of her friends Zarah noticed her love for music and she introduced her to Marcus who was the producer for Camp Mulla at the time.

The group was not yet officially a professional music group as they were just doing cyphers on Facebook featuring different artists.

She recorded a couple of songs with them and the vibe was matching with her style.

So they joined efforts and made the group together as Camp Mulla with Karun being the hook master.

At this time they were barely fifteen years old, still in high school.

They made several hits together as a group with their style being alternative music but grounded in hip hop.

Their first hit song ‘Party Don’t Stop’ was actually an experiment on house hip hop style.

The idea behind the song was to create a party vibe that appeals to the nightlife party.

In a very short span of time, the song took them from being underground artists making music for their friends to performing all over Africa and diaspora.

The song got nominated for BET awards in 2012, which was a great success for the group.

Camp Mulla as a group had a good run, 2009 to 2013, that introduced them to different people in the music businesss worldwide

The group split up in 2013 and went back to focus on studies. This is when Karun joined college in the U S, Berklee College of Music.

Here are some of the hit songs from Camp Mulla with Karun still a member;

  1. Party Don’t Stop
  2. Addicted, 2011
  3. Hold It Down (254Flow Tribute) 2012
  4. Fresh All day 2012
  5. Feel No Pain 2013

Karun Mungai Battling Depression and Social Anxiety.

To some people, especially those who come from a normal financially not well of families, depression is something new for them.

Depression, mostly in Africa, has been associated with people who come from higher ranks of wealth.

Children coming from rich families are not subjected to the extreme ‘Shocks’ of life so whenever they leave home to be on their own, the immediately sink into depression.

This happened to Karun when she travelled to the United States to pursue further education.

She first joined California Institute of Arts (CaLARTS), a renowned international college of arts.

Since she couldn’t find a program she intended to pursue there, Karun shifted gears to Berklee College in Boston to study Electronic Music production.

She arrived there in the middle of a very cold winter that she couldn’t interact more with people plus the excitement of being in a prestigious music school in the world.

At this point, she was still young, famous and has no clue about who she is as a person outside music. Her mental health got the best of her.

All these led her into depression and panic attacks that became severe that she had to be on anti-depression medication.

She got diagnosed with General Anxiety which sometimes boils down to social anxiety which is associated with overthinking and exaggerating stuff that hasn’t even happened yet.

She struggled to go through all these on her own with the help of the people surrounding her at the college.

After living there by herself and learning about herself on her own, she eventually managed to come out of depression.

Embracing the art of imperfection and living life just as it is without letting fame affect her is what Karun Mungai chose to do in the aftermath.

Karun Mungai Net Worth.

As an international alternative R&B artist, Karun Mungai is definitely an international performer since her music gets more attention outside Kenya and Africa.

She has done several tours in the United States, UK and the whole of Europe.

Karun is talented singer and performer with vigorous training in music production. Her music caters to specific audience who happen to consume a lot of live music performances.

Apart from her hassle as an international artist performing on big budget shows, she comes from a wealthy generation of C.E.Os.

From the start of her music career at a very young age, Karun Mungai’s net worth is estimated to be over Ksh48 Million excluding the inheritance from her family.

Karun Mungai’s The LadyBug Project and Solo Music Career.

After parting ways with Camp Mulla, Karun Mungai released her first self-titled Album that launched her brand away from the group.

Before the album dropped, she released a documentary series called ‘The LadyBug Project’ in 2013, which came later after a series of weekly vlog videos that did a great rebrand for Karun as a solo artist.

The project was meant to distinguish her brand from the Camp Mulla and kept engaging her fans right up until the release of her next album.

In august 2013, she dropped a 14-track album titled ‘KARUN’ which received a phenomenal media and showbiz attention.

After her successful launch as an independent artist, Karun then moved to Boston, US to study Electronic music production

Her second album, ‘Sun & Moon’ was released in 2014 when she was in college.

.In 2016, she released an EP titled ‘Indigo’ where the single ‘Need U the Most’ was premiered on the revered FADER Magazine.

Over the years her successful solo projects led her to be nominated as Forbes Africa 30 under 30 in 2019

Upon her return to Kenya, Karun Mungai launched her solo music career dropping the song, ‘Glow Up’ which was later sponsored by Mr Eazi’s emPawa Africa in 2019.

This happened after her 2018 romantic hit song ‘Roses’ was successful in the mainstream media.