NAIROBI, Kenya May 25 – The Kenyan government has dismissed a news report by Reuters that Chinese hackers had attacked State House and other government ministries and departments.

Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Raymond Omollo described the report that was widely published on Wednesday as baseless “sponsored propaganda.”

“The article should be viewed as sponsored propaganda. The wide circulation and the alacrity for its attribution by other foreign media with well-known inclinations further hint at a choreographed and concerted attack against Kenya’s sovereignty,” Dr Omollo said in a statement, a day after the Chinese Embassy in Kenya issued a similar statement dismissing the news report as “groundless, far-fetched and sheer nonsense.”

The Embassy Spokesman said in a statement that it was irresponsible and unprofessional for Reuters to accuse China on the hacking claims on mere hearsay.

“China consistently and firmly opposes and combats cyber attacks and cyber theft in all forms. Tracing the source of cyber attacks is a complex technical issue,” the Embassy Spokesman said in a statement.

The Kenyan government too defended China, dismissing the report, saying the allegations presented in the article have not been subjected to authoritative proof of existence by the relevant persons from both the Kenyan and the Chinese governments.

The Interior PS explained that the bulk of the critical networking infrastructure deployed by the Government of Kenya is sourced from the People’s Republic ofChina.

And therefore, “it is reasonable, therefore, to contemplate that if the country of origin desired to infiltrate the same systems it has helped install, it would unlikely engage third-party hackers.”

The publication said it relied on three sources, cybersecurity research reports and Reuters’ own analysis of technical data related to the hackings.

But the Chinese Embassy Spokesman said the “false report is groundless, far-fetched and sheer nonsense because hacking is a common threat to all countries and China is also a victim of cyber attack.”

The Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya said relations between the two countries have grown robustly, dating back 60 years.

“China and Kenya are good friends, good partners, and good brothers. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 60 years ago, especially since the founding of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the partnership of equals between China and Kenya has been developing robustly, with deepening political mutual trust and fruitful practical cooperation, bringing tangible benefits to both sides,” he said.

Guided by the principles of sincerity, real results, amity and good faith and with a commitment to the greater good and shared interests, he said, China endeavors to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with Kenya and work together with Kenya to strive for new progress in the China-Kenya comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

“Whether the cooperation between China and Kenya is good or not, the people of the two countries have the most say. Any attempt to sow discord between China and Kenya is doomed to failure and will only disgrace oneself,” he concluded.