King Kalala Quick Bio Facts.

  • Dropped out of University (Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology).
  • She is not Transgender or Bisexual but Straight.
  • She has been in a relationship with a Bisexual Boyfriend without knowing.
  • Born and raised in Eldoret with ethnic background of Kipsigis subtribe of The Kalenjin Tribe.
  • Prudence Chepkirui Tonui is her real Name.
  • She cheated on his bisexual Boyfriend.
  • Year of birth is 1998.
  • Her occupation is Content Creation, Radio Host, Corporate MC and Advocate for women empowerment.
  • Chemistry was her favorite subject in high school.
  • She studied Bachelor of Commerce Marketing in Campus.
  • King Kalala is a lady and not the female version of Andrew Kibe.

The following is the biography and the career journey of King Kalala in the media industry.

King Kalala Biography.

Coming from a Christian family with strict religious beliefs, King Kalala has grown to be one of the most liberal young influencers in the media industry.

She is the founder of the King Kalala Klan that is basically a women empowerment movement that seeks to liberate young ladies from misogynistic societal bondages.

At a very young age, she has managed to make a name for herself despite dropping out of university.

She has a huge following online and massive views on her videos on YouTube and other Social media platforms.

Her outspoken nature, confidence and unique voice has definitely helped her cut through the Kenyan Media industry and landed her a radio job

She is the host of not only one but two radio shows at NRG Radio, NRG Circle and NRG Plug.

Here is her story from early life to becoming one of the youngest female influencers breaking all the male dominated media scenes.

King Kalala Family, Age and real name.

Prudence Chepkirui Tonui popularly known as King Kalala was born in 1998 in Eldoret Uasin Ngishu County, Kenya.

 Both her parents, who spent part of their life in the United States are from the kipsigis, Kalenjin Tribe.

The level of their parents’ exposure to life outside the Kalenjin community is what pushed Kalala to also be more open to new ideas and other cultures.

King Kalala Education Background.

Kalala spend most of her early life in Eldoret, attending one school from kindergarten to eight grade.

She joined Eldo Baraka School in Kapsoya for all her early elementary education till she graduated eight grade in 2011.

For her high school education, she joined Kipsigis Girls High School in Kericho county.

Being a bright and outgoing student in High school, Kalala managed to participate in all sorts of co-curriculum activities and leadership positions as the school’s dorm captain.

She definitely scored good grades in her K.C.S.E national examinations and joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

The undergraduate degree of her choice was Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

While at the second year of her university, she dropped out to pursue radio and social media influencer career.

Having switched careers at the middle of her undergraduate studies, Kalala opted to embrace having mentors who will guide her as she navigates this controversial media industry.

Her mentors include Amina Abdi, Shaffie Weru, Kevin Mule, 3 Men Army.

King Kalala Media Career.

Starting out with a small Instagram follower account of just 1800 followers, Kalala’s content was just the trending videos and movies that seem to capture the attention of the masses online.

Her channel was growing slowly if not just stagnant for sometime but she kept on trying to find out what could be interesting to her little audience.

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So her now mainstream media career started out on social media when she was still a student in the university.

The worst experience that happened to her dating life became the best thing that ever happened in her career life.

Sharing the story about her bisexual ex-boyfriend and the whole cheating saga between them shocked everybody online and the story went viral.

Many people started gravitating towards her content online.

King Kalala Ex-Boyfriend.

One day she decided to open up to her fans about her long term boyfriend who was bisexual without her knowing the whole time.

To make the matter worse the two used to cheat on each other and everyone keeps it a secret.

One day Kalala was at her other secret side boyfriend when she received a call from the main boyfriend to meetup immediately because they needed to talk.

To her, she thought her secret behaviors have been found out, so she came up with a narrative to tell him about what she has been doing in some other guy’s house the whole night since they were now living together in Juja.

When the two met, her boyfriend suggested that they should consider bringing in a third party to the relationship since he is bisexual.

To Kalala it hit her by a surprise because she didn’t know he was bisexual and the guy was saying it normally like she knew about it.

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The news hit her hard and she almost doubted her ability to satisfy a man and the fact that this guy fell in love with her because of the masculine nature that she portrays.

The whole breakup was very confusing and full of surprises and cheating allegations that shocked everybody online.

This story went viral and Kalala became popular though she was heartbroken and full of doubts.

She definitely turned her sorrow to a career launching moment.

From that point, she has been outspoken and ready to share whatever the awkward moments in her life that inspire other young ladies to not be crippled by shame or anything that happened in their lives.

The ex-boyfriend’s bisexual life definitely had an effect on her but she does not have any phobias towards the bisexual people.

King Kalala NRG Radio.

After becoming a social media sensation for a while, Kalala secured a job as a radio host at NRG Radio which is one of the popular radio stations among the Kenyan youth.

Around mid-2020, Kalala was interviewed at the trend live by the media queen Amina Abdi and she confessed her love for radio.

Judging from her voice, it was evident that she would really be the best radio host since she also has her own audience and the passion to make it work.

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She stated that her dream radio job could be in either of the three media stations; Kiss FM, NRG Radio or Vybez Radio.

Amina promised to do whatever she could to get her a radio job in any of her favorite popular radio stations.

Later in the year King Kalala was a radio presenter at NRG Radio hosting a late night show, NRG Circle alongside Reedah Yvone, DJ Niche 254 and Ibu Ike Nene.

She also hosts a weekend show called NRG Plug alongside the 3 Men Army.

King Kalala Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter) Contacts.

Being a social media influencer who is sought after by the corporates, Kalala has managed to build a massive following on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook.

Here are the official social media handles that you can always follow and learn more about her.

Instagram @king.kalala. Over 400,000 followes

Facebook @KING KALALA. Over 267,000 likes.

Twitter @KING_KALALA. Over 40,000 followers.

Tiktok @king_kalala. Over 170,000 followers.

King Kalala Salary and Net Worth.

Judging from her full-time and part-time jobs and gigs, Kalala is definitely in a good financial situation at a young age that she is.

She comes from a middle class family but has made a fortune for herself outside the family wealth.

She is a content creator, radio host, brand influencer and a radio host which all workhand in hand to contribute to her financial growth.

Her monthly salary is approximately in the six figures.

King Kalala doesn’t own luxury cars because she doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money in depreciating assets. Her net worth is not yet in the public domain but it is definitely in the single digit million shillings.