Just days after buying a new mansion in Los Angeles, Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, who is based in the US, came under criticism from her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

The American therapist made a video comparison between his rental apartment and Korra’s new mansion, which he shared on TikTok.

People had been misinformed, he said, as a mansion provides 5000 square feet with five to six bedrooms, but hers didn’t.

He said: “I am 2000 square feet short of a mansion. There is a condo downstairs; if you put both of these together, mine is almost a mansion. So many people are putting phrases on the internet with complete inaccuracy.”

To jog your memory, there was a court directive that instructed both parents to refrain from sharing pictures of their children on social media. Justin then asserted that his daughters are not confined to a room and offered Korra a thousand dollars if she could produce evidence to the contrary.

“I will give you 1k dollars if you show me evidence of my kids locked up in a room”, he said.

the chiropractor Justin Dean has drawn criticism online for his remarks regarding his ex-wife, dancer Korra Obidi’s most recent purchase.

Recently, Korra bought a house in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for $1.6 million.

In a recent Facebook live video, Justin responded to haters who had been making fun of his sizable rental apartment in light of Korra’s acquisition of a million-dollar house.

The father of two provided an in-depth explanation of why he thinks Korra purchased a condominium rather than a private luxury residence as was widely reported on the internet.*

A condominium is a sizable property complex made up of individual units, each of which is owned individually.

On Thursday, the belly dancer posted on her Instagram page about her most recent accomplishment with great joy and thanksgiving to God.

Main Image: Punch newspaper
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