Intro to Lil Maina Bio and Achievements.

Despite growing up as an introvert with little to no social currency, Lil Maina has managed to defy all those odds and become one of the Kenya’s internet sensations for a long time.

From creating videos that often go viral on tiktok to trending at number one all over Kenya on twitter; he has mastered the art of having fun along with his audience.

People can’t stop gravitating to his videos whenever he decides to prank his grandparents or rapping funny lyrics on a potential hit song.

Starting up in 2018 while still a high school student, Lil Maina has unique understanding and thought process when it comes to creating laughter in a span of two minutes or less.

His style of comedy entails pulling pranks on his grandparents, goofing around parodying them and creating music with crazy unique lyrics.

The bizarre lyrics on his songs completely resonated with his cult-like fan base. His fans are always on the lookout for something new from him.

They even go to an extent of sliding into his DM requesting him to do content so they could support it.

Lil Maina has worked with big Kenyan artists like Ndovu Kuu on his hit song ‘Kishash’ which turned into a party anthem.

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When his fans got the news that the two had a project coming out, they were excited for it and when the sing dropped, it received extraordinary reception.

The song hit a million views on YouTube in a very short period of time, which was unheard of for an upcoming artist.

His most viral moments came when the global music stars, Major Lazer posted a video of him dancing to one of their song Bomaye.

Lil Maina was dancing in front of his grandparents in school uniform with a caption written on the video ‘A Champion. A rising star. Keep going and keep growing king’

Here is the biography and the journey of Lil Maina in the entertainment industry.

Lil Maina Background, Real Name, Age.

Jeremy Maina popularly known as Lil Maina was born and raised in Mombasa where he went to primary and high school there.

The 20 year old was born in 2002 and has always been a bright student in class with above average grades.

During the pandemic is when he came to Nairobi to stay with his grandparents who happen to like his personality.

Lil Maina is definitely one of the smartest famous kids out here. He scored a B- (Minus) grade in his high school KCSE examination.

Unlike most celebrities who rise to fame while still in high school and score terrible grades, Lil Maina has proven that he always was paying attention in class.

He plans to join university to pursue a degree in Law, Business or Real estate Management.

Lil Maina Battling Depression and Anxiety.

You might probably be wondering why Lil Maina would get depressed as a young popular and financially well of kid.

To a large percentage of the kids in Kenya, they would be willing to give up anything for the life he has all day every day.

On the flip side, everybody is built different when it comes to handling fame.

Lil Maina has always been an introvert with a dark sense of humor which makes it difficult for him to build his social currency.

It bothered him so much that he feels lonely and feels the need to always go an extra mile to please other people even at the expense of his happiness.

This whole situation led him to start sharing his videos online even if most people in his circle of influence had a contrary opinion.

His high school principal discouraged him from doing online comedy since everybody knew that he had an extremely awkward personality.

To him, making videos online was a great opportunity for him to have fun and express himself without any pressure.

When he became popular online he felt good about himself for a little bit but things turned into anxieties whenever he tried to walk on the street.

People knew him and were trying to holla at him and he is supposed to be social and hide his fears for the sake of his fans.

Even though he struggled to adjust into his new personality that he is supposed to adopt, Lil Maina had no choice but maintain the same energy he always displays on his videos.

Eventually he saw it as an opportunity to have fun and be the person he has always wanted to be.

Lil Maina Comedy and Pranks on tiktok.

Lil Maina definitely has a unique sense of humor which translates to his cult-like following online.

Whenever he uploads a video, it is often a blend of dark humor, oddity, uncontrolled laughter and accompanied with some shock.

With his supposed awkward personality, he definitely knows how to take you through all of that in a short amount of time.

Unlike everyone else in Kenya and likely allover Africa, Lil Maina is lucky to have grandparents who have a sense of humor and understands online comedy.

He often pulls pranks that might seem to go too far according to other people but his grandparents seem to come to understand it later.

To him, the videos seem awkward when he watches them but he is glad that it made someone else happy and not hurt their feelings.

Lil Maina Music Career.

According to Lil Maina, he stumbled into music by accident. He is always on the lookout to try things that seem impossible and see if it can work.

The idea of him getting into music was to see if he can came up with a nationwide hit before he quits to do something else.

It took him several songs and some time before coming up with a hit but eventually he hit his target when he dropped a party anthem ‘Kishah’.

Before making his first hit, Lil Maina had some other songs that introduced him into the music industry.

These songs were just a response to his haters who thought he was just a troll on social media but venturing into music was one of his wild cards all along.

His friend and confidant Omoke, shot and directed the video of his single ‘Stretchmarks Kwa Haga’.

The song is a spin on the American trap anthem ‘Get Dripped’ by Lil Yatchy and Playboi Carti but with a blend of Sharap.

The video delivery is purely dramatization by Guka and Cucu with the instagram model Wayu Wavua tweaking in the video

When the song dropped, Lil Maina was amazed by how his fans came through to push the song online till it made it to the mainstream media.

His second song, ‘Nothing that I’m Doing’ was a collaboration with Kahu$h, one of the pioneers of Shrap style of music.

Lil Maina’s Kishash was a nationwide hit featuring Ndovu Kuu, it that made it to be the top streamed track on Spotify after its release on December 31 2021.

His fans were anticipating for this project knowing that the two will never disappoint and the love his fans showed for him made a big difference.

Lil Maina Quitting Music.

In early 2022 at the peak of his music career, when he was just three years in, Lil Maina decided to quit music industry.

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In a Q&A session with his fans online, he revealed that earlier on, he had made a promise to himself to quit music when he makes a hit song that top the charts in the country.

Lil Maina stated that he stopped making music when Kishash became a nationwide hit.

He says that he achieved whatever he wanted out of music and was not planning to stay here for long.

Lil Maina Songs.

There are songs that will make you pay attention and go with the flow of the lyrics even if you are a guy who listens to music just for the beats.

Lil Maina is definitely the artist that makes such music and his lyrics will definitely put a smile on your face as you dance and sing along.

Here are the songs he put out before deciding to quit music.

Stretchmarks Kwa Haga

Nothing That I’m Doing ft Kahush



Unamaliza Chapo Ngapi

Omosh Timon



Kishash ft Ndovu Kuu

You can stream Lil Maina’s music here on boomplay