“Maddox Chose to Roll With a Bad Company Who Led him to Drugs”, said Exray.

In the recent few days Exray and Odi Wa Muranga have been accused of abandoning one of their group member, Maddox, after their solo careers became successful.

The decision made by the rappers as Boondocks Gang to do solo projects came about during the Covid-19 lockdown.

They realized that they need to work on their brands as individuals so that they can become independent aside from the group.

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Exray and Odi were the only ones who acted upon the decision and worked on their solo music releases which have been successful.

“Maddox is extremely indiscipline that he comes to studio late every time we decide to record. When we have an event to perform, he is nowhere to be seen. He is the reason we turned down a lot of collabos because he fails to show up to record his verse. When he gets a large payout he goes on a vacation with his friends to do drugs till the money is done then he comes. We always pay his cut on the money from an event performance that he didn’t show up for. We respect him but he doesn’t respect us as his friends”, Exray said.

Outside Boondocks Gang, Exray and Odi Wa Muranga are the ones getting massive bookings and requests for features thus making us question why Maddox is lagging behind.

A lot of artists in Gengetone have realized how unprofessional Maddox can be, though he is sometimes perceived as a functional addict.

Most Producers have been complaining about artists like him who don’t respect anybody’s time and when they finally show up for the recording session, they are doing drugs in the studio.

On an interview done by Plug TV, VDJ Jones said that Maddox always comes to the studio when he is on drugs and cant even write a song without getting high.

“He just likes to do his own stuff which doesn’t concern the group even when he has been asked to meet up in studio to work on projects for Boondocks Gang as a whole. We have lost a lot of opportunities because of his absenteeism. We even tried to advise him on how he conducts himself but he doesn’t listen to nobody. Even when we requested him to go to rehab he is still in denial about his addiction. We have tried as much as we can till we gave up, so until he accepts his situation, no one can help him”, Said Odi Wa Murang’a.

According to Exray who was Maddox’s roommate, he didn’t understand why he decided to move out the later claiming that he was broke and homeless.

“Maddox is signed under Black Market Management so he just had to ask for the rent money and he’ll be sorted out. I don’t understand why he went to the public when he knows he wasted his money on friends, alcohol and drugs. We always split the money equally but the friends he hangs out with are using him”, added Exray.

According to Odi Wa Muranga, most Gengetone artists complaining about being broke are the ones who blew their money on alcohol, drugs and women.

“We made a lot of money before the pandemic lockdown. We would get up to six shows a night and we got paid well. Its only how the artist manages their money that will determine their financial success later when things doesn’t go well. Me and Exray decided to invest our money but Maddox chose to go on expensive vacations whenever we got paid”, said Odi Wa Muranga.

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At this point it is clear that Maddox is not in any financial trouble or any kind of creativity block, he is just abusing too much drugs.

Whenever he decides to go to rehab, I am sure he will come out clean and ready to go.

We wish him all the best as he tries to recover.