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What inspired you to find yourself painting the late AKA on your body?
His passing has been such a tragedy that as a fellow artist a and fan of his craft, I felt the need to honour the time he had with us here on earth.
How long did it take you to complete the whole makeup / painting?
It took me a good 6hours / plus. Literally sitting and taking only necessary breaks like a snack nibble, sip of water or bathroom break

How is the response from the fans and social media towards this artwork?
Literally the Third most viral post on social media, which I wasn’t prepared for! The love has been immense, so grateful.
How is this artwork’s response different from Riky Rick’s that you did by the time he passed away?
Ricky Rick’s death was more personal to me and since it was my first tribute, I can say it really blew everyone’s minds.

What message would you wish to have sent to AKA or his Family as we pay tribute?
I want them to see that he has really accomplished so much, even though he might have had more plans but his mark has been made. The Megacy will remain even after his passing.
How has the journey been from when we had our first article with you till now?
It has been amazing from working closely with celebrities in their respective fields and receiving an award nominations for most creative and best makeup artist which I was against the likes of Nomfundo Moh and Lady Amar to name a few, was such an honour.
If you were to say something to encourage upcoming makeup artists out there, what would you say?
Chavani Talent at it’s Best | Vunene Mabasa Shocks People by The Amazing “Makeupby_Passionfruit”

Never despise humble beginnings, everything starts small. Even legends were once babies, keep going.
Shout Outs
S/O to my family, friends and everyone who’s been supporting my craft in all possible ways. Shalom
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