MCA Tricky:10 Facts You Should Know About Him.

  • He is a graduate of Engineering from Kenyatta University.
  • He scored a grade of A plain in his 2013 K.C.S.E National exam.
  • MCA Tricky has never been a Chokora (Street Kid) in his life.
  • He Lived with Chokora street kids after dropping out of high school in form 2 when his high school scholarship expired.
  • He qualified and was selected to be among the student of Medicine Surgery but he turned it down since his passion was in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Currently, MCA Tricky is a Masters student of Mechatronics Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT).
  • He performed his first live standup comedy on Churchill Show on 16th march 2016 and he has never been booed off stage.
  • On his third live performance, he thought of giving up due to massive hate associated with his Chokora Character but Jalang’o gave him a valuable pep talk.
  • He met his long term Somali-Ethiopian girlfriend, Rina, in 2016 and they plan to have a future together.
  • MCA Tricky has never dated or had a sexual relationship with Rue Baby, Akothee’s daughter, but the two are very close friends.

Here is the story of MCA Tricky from his harsh early life to becoming the Kenya’s favorite standup comedian with millions of followers and massive corporate deals.

MCA Tricky Biography.

Many people love a rags to riches story especially when the person with the story has a happy and successful ending despite the deadly struggles along the way.

MCA Tricky is definitely the guy with such type of story and judging from the love he gets from the public and the corporate entities, he is one of the richest young people in Kenya at the moment.

He has worked with different big brands in Kenya as an influencer or a brand ambassador while still his comedy career is now extending into radio and TV.

He has worked with Radio Maisha as the co-host of the morning show ‘Maisha Asubuhi’ alongside Billy Minya.

21 months later MCA Tricky joined Milele FM as the resident comedian and co-host of the morning show ‘Milele Breakfast’ alongside Alex Mwakideu.

He is still the regular comedian of the Churchill Show after the return as Churchill Experience.

Here is the history of the journey MCA Tricky has gone through to be the top rated comic in East Africa.

MCA Tricky Age, Tribe, Real Name and Parents.

Francis Munyao popularly known as MCA Tricky was born on 7th February 1993 in Makueni.

He is born to Ann and Peter Ndavi who are from the Kamba tribe in the South Eastern Region of Kenya.

MCA Tricky was born in Makindu, Kibwezi West Constituencey in Makueni County where he spent most of his childhood before moving to Nairobi.

MCA Tricky Education Background.

He started out in Ikungu Primary School in Makueni then he later joined Kiambani Primary where he completed his K.C.S.E primary education.

For secondary education, MCA Tricky joined Maasai High School in Ngong, Kajiado County under a scholarship.

While in Form Two the scholarship ended and he moved to Kiangini High School in Makueni which is now a girl school.

After a year, he moved back to Maasai High School where he completed his K.C.S.E national examinations.

MCA Tricky score an excellent grade of A (Plain) and he joined Kenyatta University as a Mechanical Engineering Student and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in December 2019.

In 2021, he enrolled for a Master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT).

MCA Tricky Stand Up Comedy Career.

The journey of every comedian never starts out at the point of being killing the show on a live stage; it always has a back story of learning the craft of story-telling.

For MCA Tricky, he started out as one of the clowns doing skits to students in primary and high schools and later charge them a few coins for the performance.

They performed all over the schools in Nairobi and it environments.

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After sometime, he went back to the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) to learn stage acting before joining a travel theatre crew doing high school set books.

When he joined Kenyatta University, he learned to take his art seriously. He then joined the Kenyatta University Travel Theatre (KUTT), a historic platform founded by Ridiculous’ finest Nyambane, Tony Njuguna and Kajairo.

KUTT was a platform that gave Churchill his first stage performance as a comedian during his come up in the early 2000s.

So MCA Tricky learned a lot standup skills as a member of the group and at the time he was an engineering student.

Comedians like Nyachio, Gatheri, Piento, Nicholas Kiprotich and many other comedians who mentored him at KUTT.

Performing in front of the audience of Kenyatta University he learned to develop intelligent jokes and have a thick skin even when booed on stage.

While juggling comedy and the hardships of being a student in KU, he met up with YY the comedian who would later become his closest friend and source of inspiration.

MCA Tricky Churchill Show Comedy.

In 2015 he went for Churchill show auditions and was selected to be a performer for the Churchill Raw but was later expelled out of the show due to his failure to show up over a stage play performance at KU.

In 2016, he came back to support his friend he auditioned by accident and was miraculously selected to proceed for the live show.

That day was the start of his stardom journey because the audience loved his jokes from the start to this day.

MCA Tricky Comedy YouTube Show.

After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, like any other big evens worldwide, Churchill Show had to cancel all other live shows throughout the country.

All the comedians had to retreat to doing online content in whatever way they could including MCA Tricky himself.

Since he had already created a YouTube channel where he was posting comedic skits and sketches, he now had to focus all his time on it.

The channel grew in terms of numbers to the point that he signed other comedians under his wing.

In the recent times, MCA Tricky established his studios, MCA Ticky Plus, which is a platform of mentoring the new artists who are talented and ready for hard work.

MCA Tricky Girlfriend (Wife).

Rina is a Somali-Ethiopian lady who has been MCA Tricky’s long term girlfriend for over six years.

The two are looking into starting a family together in the near future.

Rue Baby, Akothee’s daughter is just his long term close friend but the two have never been in a romantic or sexual relationship.

MCA Tricky Milele FM and Radio Maisha.

In late 2018, MCA Ticky set his feet in the world of radio, Kenya’s top avenue for mass communication.

He joined Radio Maisha as the morning show, Maisha Asubuhi, co-host alongside Billy Minya.

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After a period of 21 months, he quit the Standard group owned radio and joined Milele FM as a replacement of Jalangoo in the Milele Breakfast Show.

MCA Tricky is still the co-host of the morning show alongside the legendary host Alex Mwakideu.

MCA Tricky Cars, Salary and Net Worth.

Building a big brand and influence like MCA Tricky takes a lot of shear and consistent hard work but eventually it will pay off.

Being able to attract over 3 million followers on social media and over half a million subscribers on YouTube is something that is a corporate deals’ magnet.

MCA Tricky has managed to secure deals with various international Electronic, telecommunication and gambling companies including other company deals that engage a pay per post influencer deals with him.

He has worked with Safaricom, Multi Choice Africa, Tecno, 1X bet and many other multimillion shilling brand deals.

With a salary of higher six figure on radio, top dollar brand deals, Stand-up comedy shows, Tricky Plus Content streaming platform and Tricky Sana Entertainment, MCA Tricky has an estimated net worth of over 400,000 dollars.